Best of 2016 Playlist

December 20, 2015

Top 10 Songs of 2015

The first of two "Best of 2015" posts, here we're ranking our picks for the best song. Anything single released in 2015 is fair game, even for albums that have yet to be released. Try not too get too butthurt. We've got quite a few honorable mentions, so if you don't see a song below make sure we haven't included it on that list. To view our honorable mentions, and other Top 10 lists, please go to our Top 10/Quick Picks page. 

If you still think a song should be included be sure to comment or email us at We can only listen to so many albums before our brains explode, so we're sorry if we've overlooked someone's favorite tune. Once posted, you'll be able to click this (link) to view our Top 10 Albums of 2015. 

**Revised April 2016**

10. "The Divine Zero" - Pierce the Veil (7.5/10) 

While we're still waiting on that 4th album, Pierce the Veil at least gave us a new song to jam out to this summer. While the production leaves something to be desired, the song itself is a hit. The breakdown and chorus are the highlights, while the rest of the song is "safe" by PTV standards. To read this song's full review, click this (link). 

9. "Playing Catch with .22" - I the Mighty (8/10)  

These guys always get the short stick. I the Mighty's new album may have been a bit too poppy for some fans, but the lead single was everything one could hope for. The light airy verses, the fun chorus, and the breakdown are all trademark's for I the Mighty. Do yourself a favor and go listen to this song, maybe the entire album. To read our full review of the band's sophomore album, "Connector" click this (link). 

8. "Hallelujah" - Panic! at the Disco (8/10)  

The first single from the band's highly anticipated 5th album, it seems a lifetime ago when Panic! at the Disco released this song. Since then they've released a slew of singles from their 2016 album, "Death of a Bachelor". But this was the first, and the best. Taking a cue from Fueled by Ramen label-mates Paramore, Panic! released their take on gospel with this song. And it's phenomenal, and holds true to Panic's style. You get the theatric flare that all Panic! fans have come to love, the catchiness and swing of any other Top 40 hit. Staying true to the album's homage to Sinatra, the song has a certain jazzy undertone that makes even more infectious. The chorus is the best part of the song, arguably the lightest and brightest the band has produced. Lyrically it's not cynical or pessimistic, like past Panic! lyrics have been, which is a nice change. But they are pretty lack luster, at least by Panic! standards. So we've docked points for that.

7. "Something's Gotta Give" - All Time Low (8/10)  

The highlight from All Time Low's abysmal 6th album, it's got all the charm of pop punk with the mainstream coating you'd expect from a band of their age. The song's slower tempo is a nice change from the typical high paced pop punk we get from most bands. The band does what they do best. Mix catchy lyrics, simple power chords, and the charisma of frontman Alex Gaskarth, into one hell of a single. The production is spot on, and the chorus is like a sudden jolt of energy. To read our full album review, click this (link). 

6. "To Be Free" - Tonight Alive (8/10) 

Following "Human Interaction", the lead single for the band's 2016 album "Limitless", fans weren't sure what to expect. The highly experimental and electronic lead single threw most for a loop, and left a bittersweet after taste. This track far surpasses its predecessor and then some. The song blends the band's alt. rock sensibilities with the same electronic rock you'd hear from Bring Me The Horizon, or We Came as Romans. To read our full review of this song click the following (link)

5. "Losing Myself" - State Champs (8.5/10)  

Pop punk's comeback is being helmed by many bands, State Champs included. After their debut, it was hard to imagine how they could top that. They did, and then some. We could have included the album's debut single "Secrets", but we went with #2 instead. This is a step forward for the band, and it marks a shift in their sound. From the classic 00s pop punk to a style that evokes A Day to Remember or All Time Low's recent songs. It's more mature, and is perhaps what we can expect from the band in the future. To read the full album review, click this (link

4. "Can't Kick Up the Roots" - Neck Deep (8.5/10)  

The lead single from Neck Deep's sophomore album is without a doubt one of the best songs of the year, and the best of the album. The lyrics are classic pop punk verses about relationships and similar teenage crisis. Packed together with power chords and a chorus as catchy as they come, far better than anything All Time Low has put forth this year, and you get a song that will continue to be a hit for years to come. To read the entire album review, click this (link)

3. "Stressed Out" - twenty one pilots (9/10)  

This song shatters genre barriers, and addresses the "stress" of growing up. Tyler provides genius lyrics yet again, and Josh gives us a steady energetic drum beat. The retro effects and deep thumps of the bass drum and bass. What more could we ask for? Okay, how about the sick groove in the verses? Or the powerful chorus, or the lyrics that resonate with listeners? Seriously, everyone who listens to this song knows just how incredible it is. Like the rest of the album. 

2. "I Am" - Hands Like Houses (10/10)  

This is one song that everyone should listen to. Hands Like Houses are the kind of band that have only gotten better with time. This song is the pinnacle of perfection. The airy verses, powerhouse choruses, and the insanely, infectious breakdown are a recipe for a modern post hardcore, alt. rock hit. To read our full review of this song click the following (link). 

1. Throne - Bring Me The Horizon (10/10)  
Was there any doubt this song would take the #1 spot? This is Bring Me The Horizon at their finest. The band trades the metal chugs and double bass kicks for something much lighter, and more melodic. "Throne" stays true to the band's hardcore roots with its heavy tuning, and Oli's rough vocals, but is significantly more radio friendly than past songs. To read our full review of this song click the following (link).