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February 8, 2016

The 1975 - "The Sound" Single Review

Excited yet? You should be. The 1975's new album drops February 26, 2016 (same day as Hands Like Houses' new album "Dissonants"). "The Sound" is the third official single from the album, having been released in mid-January via Annie Mac's Hottest Records in the World. And this past weekend, the band performed this song, as well as "Love Me" on Saturday Night Live. 

Click this (link) to get the album on iTunes. And to listen to their new track click this (link). 

It's definitely a 1975 track. In fact it sounds like it was taken straight from the 70s. The strong piano line is a change for the band, who usually gives the spotlight to their lead guitar when it comes to melodies and riffs. The echo effect and production on Healy's vocals gives the whole song a very 70s synth pop feel. The guitar solo towards the end of song really holds onto some of the 70s. It's not as whiney as the guitar in "Love Me", but it's close. Thankfully not as annoying. But it sounds like something that would have been played on the radio thirty some years ago. 

A lot like previous single, "UGH!", it's a pure pop earworm, through and through. The song is so sweet it might just give you a few cavities. Not to mention the song's refrain, which is almost as catchy (at the same time annoying) as Taylor Swift's damn "Shake It Off" (and off and off and off and... you get the point).  

The lyrics deal with more dysfunctional love themes. Poor Healy must have a tough time holding onto the ladies. He sings, "You're so conceited. I said 'I love you' what does it matter if I lie to you?" The rest of the lyrics, if you're familiar with this band, won't come as much of a surprise. At times it's like Healy wipes out a dictionary and picks the longest adjectives he can find (sycophantic, socratic, pathetic). 

Summary -

Yet another earworm hit from the gift that keeps on giving known as Matt Healy. One thing's for sure, the album thus far is more cohesive than their debut. The overall tone set by the first single, "Love Me", has continued into the next singles. The band are moving forward with their unique electronic indie pop. This is a close to a boyband you can get without actually being a boyband.

Rating - 7.5 to 8/10