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Featured Lyrics 2016

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  1. "You said you'd stay, I said I'd wait. All those words we spoke in vain. I still recall, the bitter taste. I guess some things never change." - Tonight Alive "The Edge" 
  2. "We are the voices you never heard. We are the fire you never let burn. We're just some kids from the west end." - New Politics "West End Kids" 
  3. "I'll stop the whole world, I'll stop the world. From turning into a monster, eating us alive. Don't you ever wonder how we survive. Well now that you're gone, the world is ours." - Paramore "Monster" 
  4. "It's like there's cancer in my blood, it's like there's water in lungs. And I can't take another step, please tell me I am not undone." The Amity Affliction "Pittsburgh"
  5. "Get up for the money, power, fame. We need it. Get up for the money, power, fame. Get up for the money, the power, the feeling. We feel it!" - Don Broco "Money Power Fame"
  6. "Go on and take you way too far, cause here we are, waiting once again. You said you always keep your word. Show me what you're after, just a little faster."  - There For Tomorrow "A Little Faster" 
  7. "Cause we are, we are the real ones. Who will refuse to run and hide. Watch us pout our hearts into every note, while they fall to the side." - SLAVES "Burning Our Morals Away"
  8. "So close your eyes, let the colors fly. And hide from the nights outside. We're colorblind, from the black and white. But we've never burned so bright." - Hands Like Houses "Colourblind"
  9. "Tear open my chest, to dig around. And tell me why I'm such a mess. I fear that my heart got up and left." - SECRETS "The Man That Never Was"  
  10. "If I could find you now, things would get better. We could leave this town, and run forever. Let your waves crash down on me, and take me away." - Yellowcard "Ocean Avenue"
  11. "Just open up, like a page in a book. These words that I'm writing won't be misunderstood. If I'm dishonest bring me back to my knees. Show me why I'm even able to speak" - Sleeping with Sirens "The Bomb Dot Com v2.0"
  12. "I need a little room to breathe. You're making this hard for me. When all I need is to be set free. I need a little time to think. And if you ever will love me, then all I need, is a little room to breath" - You Me at Six "Room To Breath"
  13. "I'll be there for you, if you're there for me. I'd take back everything, I'm replaying every word I said. I'll be there for you, if you're there for me. I never meant to do those things to you. I'm trying to do the best I can." - Youth in Revolt "There For You" 
  14. "And I tried to fall asleep and just forget. But my mind pushed me to keep it in my memory. You're the voice in the back of my head. I tried to see things through instead. Cuz' I'm still over getting nowhere." - ROAM "Tell Me" 
  15. "An iron fist in a velvet glove. Another vulture posing as a dove. So you have no shame? Look at what you've become. You are the reason we are bitter than then some. - Architects "Gravedigger" 
  16. "So now you know, exactly what it feels like. To be an obstacle in my way. You won't remain. You won't remain." - A Day to Remember "The Danger in Starting a Fire
  17. "No I don't wanna be tough. I wanna make sure they can see me cry sure enough, don't want to bottle this up. The way you make me feel when you're around. Tough guy dies a little inside. This town might show no love, but kid you've gotta wake up." - Issues "Stingray Affliction
  18. "Remember where you first called home. You're never gonna see it, till you're dancing on top of the world. Restore what you called your own, return where you run wild and free" - In Hearts Wake "Skydancer
  19. "I followed my heart, and it led my out to sea. Where the depths were accepting, and my reflection could be seen." - I Killed the Prom Queen "Thirty One & Sevens"
  20. "I ponder of something great. My lungs will fill and then deflate. They fill with fire, exhale desire. I know it's dire, my time today. I have these thoughts so often I ought, to replace that slot with what I once bought. Cause somebody stole my car radio and now I just sit in silence." - twenty one pilots "Car Radio" 
  21. "Who holds a silver string? Lost in a staggered motion. When you run away, whoever changes shape. Showing oscillation, I'll see you there." - Saosin "The Silver String" 
  22. "Maybe I'm a bad person. Maybe I don't wanna walk before I crawl. It only matters if it's worth it. So does it even matter at all?" - State Champs "Hard to Please"
  23. "Where's your gavel, your jury? What's my offense this time? You're not a judge, but if you're gonna judge me, well sentence me to another life." - Paramore "Ignorance" 
  24. "Where did I go wrong, there's nothing I can do, the thrill is gone. So I play these nervous songs. Pretend that I'm not barely hanging on." Dance Gavin Dance "We Own the Night"
  25. "You got a lot of nerve and, looks like the table's turning. And now you're wishing me well like you miss me. You got a dirty tongue and, looks like the damage done is forever. And it's a long time to miss me." - Tonight Alive "Lonely Girl" 
  26. "Come to me, with anything that you'll ever need. Come to me when you're rebuilding. Sometimes it's good to build up walls, not to keep anyone out. But to see who cares enough to knock them down." - The Color Morale "Learned Behavior" 
  27. "Don't come crawling back to me when you break down. Cause you dug yourself into this hole all by yourself. Don't some crawling back to me when you breakdown. You can find somebody else." Bring Me The Horizon "What You Need" 
  28. "Calling from cloud nine, if you can't hold your head up why should I? Watch you walk away from a good life. Calling from cloud nine, and no it does not matter what you do. Watch me walk away from you. I'm leaving alone." Emarosa "Cloud 9"
  29. "And I don't ever wanna know what it feels like, to be a shadow of myself. And I don't ever wanna come back down from this feeling. What makes you think that you know what's better for me? And I don't think you wanna see what's underneath your made up version of me." We Are The In Crowd "Rumor Mill"
  30. "I want to forget you, you've broken everything I love. Took all my light and turned it into dusk. I regret all I gave you, you've broken everything I love. And I can't wait to be myself again." Chiodos "Ole Fishlips is Dead"
  31. "Run boy, be a man. With legs too weak to make a stand. We're all crucified in the end. Can you hear a voice, decipher it through all this noise. You'll be left with nothing again." The Pretty Reckless "Absolution"
  32. "Now my lungs are failing, and my heart is fading. My mind is taking me, so far away I'm dreaming. For every selfish reason, I kept the bottles rolling. I poured my heart out, to stop you from leaving." - The Amity Affliction "Death's Hand"
  33. "Miss the phone calls, when it's your fault. I miss the late nights, don't miss you at all. I like the kick in the face, and all the things you do to me. I love the way that it hurts, I don't miss you I miss the misery." Halestorm "I Miss the Misery" 
  34. "I'm gonna say something you don't wanna hear. You can't live up to all the lies you've built inside your head for all these years. You're gonna cave just like we expected. And when you break I will stand collected staring at the floor, watching you pick up the broken pieces" - Alive Like Me "What Did You Expect
  35. "I wish I found some sounds no one's ever heard. I wish I had a better voice to sing some better words. I wish I found some chords in an order that is new. I wish I didn't have to rhyme every time I sang. I was told when I get older all my fears would shrink. But now I'm insecure and I care what people think." - twenty øne piløts "Stressed Out" 
  36. "I can't forget the summer I fell into, I can do this with one eye open. If I don't come back, blame it on this song. All I'll regret, the summer that we never spent. What do I make of the situation, if I don't come back, blame it on this song." - Chunk! No, Captain Chunk! "Blame It On The Song
  37. "I'm breaking static, I'm changing my frequency. If I don't speat out, then no one's listening. But I won't live in vain!" - Crown the Empire "Zero
  38. "Are you living in a nightmare, one that eats away your soul? Does it leave you feeling empty? Does it leave you feeling cold?" - The Amity Affliction "Nightmare
  39. Maybe it's not my weekend, but it's gonna be my year. And I'm so sick of watching the minutes pass as I go nowhere. And this is my reaction, to everything I fear. Cuz I've been going crazy, I don't want to waste another minute here." - All Time Low "Weightless" 
  40. "I'm color coding my moods, you're yellow, I'm a natural blue. Let's get together and be green like my insides." - Waterparks "Stupid for You
  41. "The ones that kicked me when I was down, are the same ones that say they need me now. That's fine, I'll play the game. But just know, I told you so!" - Memphis May Fire "Prove Me Right"
  42. "If you could go back now, would you say it differently? If there was no one there would you open up for me? It this was the last time that we would ever speak, could we forgive somehow could we let it rest in peace?" - Yellowcard "Rest in Peace" 
  43. "Don't blink, they won't even miss you at all. And don't think that I'll always be gone. You know I've got you like a puppet in the palm of my hand, don't you let me down!" - A Day to Remember "I'm Made of Wax, Larry, What Are You Made Of?"
  44. Cuz this is a wasteland, my only retreat. With heaven above you, there's hell over me" - Pierce the Veil "Hell Above"
  45. "Hand me a canvas let me paint some shit. Pass me some poison let me take a hit. I'm just embarrassed and comfortably numb. But failure is painful and lying is fun." - Dance Gavin Dance "Chucky vs The Giant Tortoise" 
  46. "The rumors and lies brought us apart, leaving us on separate sides. I just play like a work of art, these lies are here to keep us in the dark." - Our Last Night "A World Divided"
  47. "It's been a hell of a week, I couldn't bring myself to sleep. On the move, move with you. Raise a glass to tomorrow's blues. Have a word with my nerve, talk it off the ledge. I'm in control, invincible, keep my world til the end." - You Me at Six "Night People
  48. "The secret side of me, I never let you see. I keep it caged but I can't control it. So stay away from me. The beast is ugly. I feel the rage and I just can't hold it." Skillet "Monster
  49. "Dream of his crash won't pass. Oh how they all adored him. Beauty will last when spiraled down. The stars that mystify, he left them all behind. And how his children cried. He left us all behind." AFI "Miss Murder
  50. "A gunshot rings out at the station, another urchin snaps and left dead on his own. It makes me wonder why I'm still here. For some strange reason it's now feeling like my home and I'm never gonna go." - Green Day "Welcome to Paradise
  51. "I tried to be someone else. But nothing seemed to change. I know now, this is who I really am inside. Finally found myself, fighting for a chance. I know now, this is who I really am." 30 Seconds to Mars "The Kill"
  52. "I do not have writer's block, my writer just hates the clock. It will not let me sleep, I guess I'l sleep when I'm dead. And sometimes death seems better than the migraine in my head." twenty øne piløts "Migraine"