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August 15, 2015

Hands Like Houses - "I Am" Single Review

Though this single was released back in March, this is one review I've been dying to write. I love Hands Like Houses. Fan or not, you can't deny these guys are talented. Their upcoming 3rd album, "Dissonant", is set for a fall 2015 release date, so here's to hoping we get another single soon! You can check the dates and get tickets for their upcoming tours in AUS, US, and UK by clicking this (link).

Upon listening to the initial teaser, the song appeared to be much heavier than expected. But then the full song was released and everything was beyond perfect. In recent years Rise Records has focused on metalcore and post hardcore groups, who sound can be described in on word. Risecore. Their signature label sound is very boring at times, often poorly written, and full of cliché breakdowns, so Hands Like Houses is a gem in their roster. 

A hit among fans, for those of you not familiar with the band's music this is a must listen to track. Hands Like Houses is typically known for their eclectic music, which draws from alt. rock, progressive/ experimental rock, and post hardcore. Many compare them to similar bands I the Mighty and Pierce the Veil, but if you really listen to the music, HLH couldn't be anymore different. 

Their music tends to focus on melodies, and Trenton's emotional vocal deliveries. And this track is a culmination of all that's right about the band. A clear indicator the band is maturing, and gaining more experience. You'd be foolish to say this song doesn't hit all the right notes and them some. Opening with a muted guitar riff, then rocketing into an intro that is only eclipsed by the live performance version. Energy oozes from this track, yet still retains HLH's softer verses, and lyrics. 

The chorus is the most powerful one the band has produced yet. Another highlight are the subtle breakdowns in the bridges. They aren't tedious like some in the hardcore genre, nor are they generic open notes. HLH always finds a way to put a creative spin on familiar sounds, and their take on the traditional breakdown is nothing short of spectacular. 

Summary -
Fans will love this track, and first time listeners will find the chorus infectious and unforgettable. One of the heavier tracks the band has put fort thus far, these Aussies are at the top of their game. Very minimal unclean vocals, and a driving guitar riff make this one of the best songs of the year. If you haven't heard this track, I highly recommend you do as it is a sure contender for song of the year in my book. Their upcoming album is shaping up to be the best yet. 

Rating -