Best of 2016 Playlist

December 31, 2015

Top 10 Albums of 2015

There were so many great albums released this year, we had a tough time nailing down the 10 best. Please note, we're only counting full length albums, not EPs. Re-releases do not count either. So without further ado, here are our picks for the Top 10 Albums of 2015. Try not too get too butthurt. 

If you think an album should be included be sure to comment or email us at We can only listen to so many albums before our brains explode, so we're sorry if we've overlooked a worthy album. Click this (link) to see our Top 10 Songs of 2015. 

**Revised April 2016**

10. "Connector" - I the Mighty
Hard to believe, but this was the 2nd album review we posted on IBR. The sophomore album from I the Mighty just proves the band doesn't get enough credit for their talents. There's a stronger progressive rock, ambient rock vibe going on, which gives the impression that the band's sound has matured. And it has, but only just. This is still the same ItM, but with a glossier production coating them. The experiments they did with "Satori" have translated into full blown songs that rock our world, and leave melodies in our heads. Make sure you listen to "Playing Catch with .22", "Friends featuring Max Bemis", "The Hound and the Fox", and "Lady of Death"Click this (link) to read our original review. 

9. No Closer to Heaven - The Wonder Years 
Dan "Soupy" Campbell has proved he's one of the best, if not the best, lyricist out there today. In this concept album, The Wonder Years give a performance for the books. Revealing, personal, and deep, the band takes everything we thought we knew about the pop punk genre and redefines it. TWY is the gift that keeps on giving, despite their diminished status amidst chart toppers like All Time Low and Mayday Parade. Indie, folk and alt. rock find a home in TWY's brand of pop punk, creating a truly unique experience for the listener. Album highlights include "Cigarettes & Saints", the title track, "Thanks for the Ride", and "Cardinals". Click this (link) to read the original review we did in September. 

8. "Every Trick in the Book" - ICE NINE KILLS
Gothic, spooky, the band's newest album is probably what a band fronted by Edgar Allen Poe would sound like. The real genius, the highlight, is Spencer Charnas' lyrics. Crafted from literary works as dark and complex as the music, you'll find yourself with a deeper appreciation of his talents. Charnas has always had a flare for weaving intricate tales in short time frames, but he's really outdone himself here. The subtle orchestration, production, and dual vocals are just a few of the other highlights. This is the perfect album for a stormy night, or maybe a midnight stroll in the woods. Must hear tracks are "Communion of the Cursed", "Alice", "The Nature of the Beast", and "The People in the Attic". To read the original, full length review click this (link). 

7. "The Mindsweep" - Enter Shikari  
Enter Shikari have always been one of those bands you shouldn't listen to in church or school. The grand nature of their music, their politically charged lyrics, and intense live performances have made them modern punk legends. "The Mindsweep" continues that legacy, as their most in-your-face, controversy stirring album yet. The lyrics leave little doubt on frontman Roughton "Rou" Reynolds' opinions. It's either pick a side, or get the fuck out of our way. The harsh nature of the instrumentals only fuels this "call to arms" album. This album will either go down as a mad endeavor, or a brilliant triumph. Of the 12 original tracks, we'd have to pick "Anaesthetist", the two title tracks, "Mysopia" and "The Last Garrison" as the toppers. 

6. "Life's Not Out to Get You" - Neck Deep
Pop punk dominated the year, with album from All Time Low, Man Overboard, The Story So Far, and many more. But the cream of the crop is Neck Deep's sophomore effort, "Life's Not Out to Get You". Produced by the dream team, Jeremy McKinnon and Andrew Wade, the hype for this album was only surpassed by the hype for Bring Me The Horizon's 5th album. Thankfully, in the case of Neck Deep's album the wait was more than worth it. The band comes into their own, drawing from 00s pop punk and the modern iteration of the genre. Notable tracks, aside from the singles, include "Kali Ma", "Smooth Seas Don't Make Good Sailors", and "Serpents". Click on this (link) to read the full review we originally posted in August.

5. "Around the World and Back" - State Champs
A few bands this year have proven that, while they can't reinvent the wheel, the can certainly improve upon it. State Champs' debut in 2013, "The Finer Things", was an instant classic, hitting all the right notes for fans. Their sophomore album puts a shine on their sound, but still holds true to the band's roots. It's mainstream enough for radio airwaves, but has all the spunk and charm of SC. They distance themselves from their debut by choosing to write songs more in the vein of New Found Glory or A Day to Remember style pop punk. It's a refreshing switch, that still combines the 00s era. Must-listen-to tracks are "Losing Myself", "All Your Are is History", "All or Nothing", "Breaking Ground", and the title track. To read our original review click this (link). 

4. "That's the Spirit" - Bring Me The Horizon 
Though the album's success varies, the general consensus is that Bring Me The Horizon took a big leap of faith with this new album. There's little to no resemblance to their pre-2010 music. It's electronic rock with alt.rock, indie, and post hardcore undertones. Jordan Fisher shines as the band's main producer, while Oli Sykes' has written some of his best lyrics to date. The band as a whole are still working out a few kinks, but the direction they're heading is promising. "That's the Spirit" falters a few times, but when it reaches its high points, you're blown away. Be sure to put an eat to "Happy Song", "Throne", "What You Need", "Avalanche", and "Blasphemy". To read the original review from September, click this (link)

3. "Nerve Endings" - Too Close to Touch
Few debut albums carry as much weight as this one. Too Close to Touch, like fellow post hardcore, alt rockers I the Mighty and Hands Like Houses, burst from the gate with a phenomenal EP. Their sound draws from a multitude of genres, including indie, pop, electronic, and ambient. Their eclectic sound, which is has this incredible atmospheric quality, still manages to shine in the already crowded field. Tracks to listen to include "The Deep End", "Pretty Little Thing", "Restless", and "Hell to Pay featuring Telle Smith"To read the original review, posted in June, please click this (link). 

2. "Every Open Eye" - CHRVCHES  

We never did get around to properly reviewing this album, which is sad since it's such a great release. Released back in September, this is the 2nd album from the Scottish electronic group. The album is much brighter and more lively than their debut. But that doesn't mean the weight each song carries has diminished. Lauren Mayberry's vocals aren't as produced or auto-tuned, which allows emotions to come across clearer than before. We would recommend this album for fans of PVRIS, Beautiful Bodies, Bring Me The Horizon, and Ellie Goulding. For first time listeners, suggested tracks include "Never Ending Circles", "Empty Threat", "Playing Dead" and "Bury It". 

1. "Blurryface" - twenty one pilots 
There's no need to justify this album at the top spot. It's awesome. End of story. The groundbreaking style pioneered in previous albums has finally been perfected. twenty one pilots never cease to amaze listeners. Tyler's innovative lyrics, and Josh's head banging drum beats. You can be a fan of anything, metal, pop, alt. rock, or rap but that won't matter. There's something for everyone on this album.