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March 12, 2016

Architects - "A Match Made in Heaven" Single Review

Architects are back and badder than ever! The band's 7th album (can you believe it, 7th?!), "All Our Gods Have Abandoned Us" was announced earlier this week, along with the record's lead single "A Match Made in Heaven". Gearing up to be a great following up to "Lost Forever//Lost Together", this new track certainly packs a punch. 

To buy the song on iTunes, and pre-order their new album click the following (link). 

Of the album, the band has said it will be their "heaviest and darkest work... as well as being 'an album that challenges and progresses a genre long though to have stagnated, and embraces its inspirations at a time when many rock and metal bands seek to hide them in search of mainstream acceptance."  

Well that statement was certainly heavy. Seems very Enter Shikari of them, no? The band's lyrics are indicators Architects is taking a page or two from their book. "A Match Made in Heaven" would pair very nicely with Enter Shikari's "Anaethetist", at least lyrically it would. Sam Carter writes about corrupt leaders, and politicians. Something all can relate to in this day and age. 

The song starts out with a muted guitar riff, before blending with some atmospheric effects, which are a definite standout. It keeps the song from getting too chuggy or monotonous. The track has a very "Sempiternal" feel to it, something Architects seemed to be aiming for in their previous album. And while that's all fine and nice, it wouldn't hurt to see the band trying something a little more unique, and not just trying to emulate their peers' work. 

The track overall sounds very similar to "Gravedigger". From the heavier verses, to the more melodic choruses where Carter employs a half-scream style. Backed with rhythmic chords and a steady drumbeat. Hearing something besides the effects break up the chugs, maybe more emphasis on the lead guitar, would have made this song that much better. 

Summary - 

Though the song lacks some of the more technical aspects found in "Lost Forever..." this is still one of the best tracks Architects have put forth in recent years. What really makes the song stand out are the lyrics. Coupled with the music video, it's pretty clear the band are making a statement with their new album. The first single is angry, and almost a call to arms for any listener who feels the same. Recommended for fans of Bring Me the Horizon, letlive., August Burns Red, and The Ghost Inside. 

Rating - 8.5 to 9/10