Best of 2016 Playlist

March 4, 2017

While She Sleeps - "Silence Speaks feat. Oli Sykes" Single Review

As far as British metalcore goes, While She Sleeps are one of the rising stars to watch. 2 solid albums already under their belt, the band continues their road to the forefront of their field with their new single off their 3rd full length album, "You Are We". Throwing in Oli Sykes of Bring Me the Horizon doesn't hurt either. 

To preorder the band's album on iTunes click the following (link). And to check out the band's tour dates go to their website

February 28, 2017

All Time Low - "Dirty Laundry" Single Review

All Time Low made some big changes recently. Moving from Hopeless Records to Fueled By Ramen, and then seemingly ditching their pop punk for some smooth electronic rock. It's got fans excited, confused, and most of all anxious for their upcoming album "Last Young Renegade". 

To preorder the album click this (link), and to get check dates for the band's headlining tour with SWMRS, Night Riots, Waterparks and The Wrecks go to their website. 

February 22, 2017

2017 Update

2017 has been a crazy year this far. The world around us is changing, and so are we! That's right, we're making some big changes at IBR.
Change #1 - Bimonthly featured bands. Your favorite bands will now be featured for 2 months
Change #2 - We are actively looking for new reviewers to join our ranks. If you are interested please message us via Facebook, or through our email (which is change #3!)
Change #3 - We've got a brand new email address that reflects out brand. is our new email. But don't worry, we're forwarding our email from our previous account to our new address.
Change #4 - As of recent we haven't been posting much content, and that is due in part to our switch from Blogspot to our own website! Scheduling conflicts also plays a large part in lack of activity, but our main goal is getting ourselves a place of our own to share our content.
So please bare with us as we make these changes, and hope to see our new site in the coming months! And remember, if you would like to contribute content to our site, please message us and be patient.

January 27, 2017

Featured Post - Saosin

Unfamiliar with this band? Shame on you. If you're a fan of early 00s emo, The Used, or just looking for something to jam out to, then you should listen to this band. Saosin have a lengthy legacy, that more than suits them given their accomplishments. 

To buy their most recent album, "Along The Shadow", on iTunes click this (link). 

January 22, 2017

As It Is - "okay." Album Review

Though this has to be one of the weirdest album covers we've seen, don't judge an album by the seemingly Normal Rockwell inspired cover. A year and a half after their debut, As It Is are back on the scene with their sophomore effort, "okay.". A more mature outing for this young band, that still holds all the charm of their debut. It's "okay" and more. 

To buy "okay." on iTunes please click the following (link).