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July 25, 2015

Bring Me The Horizon "Throne" Single Review

Well they've done it again. Bring Me The Horizon released their second single off their new album, That's The Spirit, set to be released on September 11. And before we get into the review, let's just take a moment to stress how stupid everyone is being over the fact that the release date is 9/11. It's just a date. How you perceive it is up to you. 

All that shit aside, BMTH are breaking into the mainstream world with this new album and single. Already gaining massive coverage from high profile magazines like Rolling Stone, this song further distances the band from their early deathcore work. 10 later the band has finally found their niche, and they're music has never sounded better.

The music video alone is enough to sell someone on this song. BMTH lets Jordan Fischer go to town on this song, and he writes one of the best electronic riffs of the year. Pop influenced, but still retaining that heavier edge that could be heard on "Can You Feel My Heart" or "Sleepwalking". Oli's vocals aren't exactly clean, but for someone who used to do death growls, this is a big difference. Gruff and angsty as always, he belts out the chorus, "Beat me black and blue. Every move will shake me, every scar will build my throne", with just the right amount of emotion. 

His songwriting abilities seem to keep growing exponentially. Some say that BMTH isn't the same band anymore, but if you look at Oli's lyrics you would have to take that statement back. The only thing that's changed are the instrumentals. Which in my opinion is a good thing. A person can only take so many breakdowns, double kick drums, mind numbing bass riffs, and chugged guitars before everything starts to sound the same. This "lighter", electronic infused track breaths life into the band again, and gives them another hit. 

Summary -
This song, unlike "Happy Song" was written in the same vein as "Drown". An electronic, alt. rock number with post hardcore influences, this song would be right at home with the likes of We Came as Roman's single, "The World I Used to Know". Far superior to their heavier lead single, BMTH returns with a powerful number that will definitely be on many radio station's radar. The only let down is the fact that there are no unclean vocals, which could have given the song an extra edge. I have to say the thing I hate the most about this new release is the album art. It's nothing more than a black square with hard to see words. I understand that less is more, but in this case more would have been nice. Especially after Sempiternal's awesome album art. 

Rating -