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June 16, 2015

Too Close To Touch - "Nerve Endings" Review

So last fall Epitaph Records released a single from a new signee, Too Close To Touch. At the time I didn't think much of the release, but after listening to the track, I was hooked on this band. I picked up their "self titled EP" and was completely sold on the band. And 3 months after their debut, I'm still jamming. So here's a full review of their debut, Nerve Endings. Here's a (link) to buy the album on iTunes. I did a brief review prior (which can be found on my deviantart Journal), but I really wanted to expand on it.
TCTT is an alt-rock/hardcore band out of Lexington, KY. Their debut single (also track number 4 on their debut album), "The Deep End", should be the first thing you listen to if you're interested in this band. It is very "I the Mighty" esc, but showcases the band's ability to write a catchy, and well thought-out tune. It starts out with soft, sweet vocals and some piano accompanied by a driving bass drum beat. Muted guitars, subtle orchestration in the background, this doesn't sound like most debut singles. It's a polished piece the band should be very proud of. It rightfully opens their debut EP. The best part may just be that melodic breakdown. 

As for their debut studio album, well it's not that far off in terms of sound. The album is full of melodic alt-rock numbers like "Hell to Pay featuring Telle Smith of The Word Alive, and "Pretty Little Thing". You won't find a track as catchy as "Pretty Little Thing". Dare I say, it's an ear worm that you'll want to have. That chorus... it's the kind of song you'd want to scream out a car window (or at least I want to). The album also includes "The Deep End" and "Perfect World" from their EP. "Perfect World", much like "Pretty Little Thing", is a biting relationship number that you'll be humming all day. 

"Hell to Pay" is another must listen to. A powerful rock number about someone being abandoned, it blends Smith's harder, unclean vocals perfectly with TCTT vocalist Keaton Pierce's swooning sound. Unfortunately the other collab on the album, "The Chase featuring Kellin Quinn of Sleeping with Sirens", falls short. It's a decent track, but the collaboration feels forced and isn't as unified, nor as catchy, as "Hell to Pay". 

The opener, "Someday", is a perfect choice to showcase the band's post hardcore capabilities, and instantly gets the listener interested. The closer fits just as well. "Until I Collapse" is an energetic alt-rock number that will have you singing along in no time. The band's almost airy, alternative sound shines the strongest here, and is the perfect way to close the album. Other songs to listen to include "Perfect World" (also from their EP), and "Restless". 

Summary -

All in all, for a debut this album hits all the high notes. Sure it's not perfect, and has plenty of room for improvement, but I dare you to find a debut as put together as this. TCTT has a bright future ahead of them in a field that already includes heavy weights Pierce the Veil, Hands Like Houses, and aforementioned, label mates Sleeping with Sirens. The band is one you'll want to keep close tabs on, as they can only get better from here. 

Favorite track - 

"The Deep End" is a favorite song, but the best "new" track is "Pretty Little Thing". Other noteworthy songs include "Restless", and "The Air in Me". 

Rating -
8 to 8.5/10