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December 25, 2015

The 1975 - "UGH!" Single Review

Think the guys in The 1975 just beat Fall Out Boy for the weirdest song title ever. The second single off their upcoming sophomore album, "I like it when you sleep..." is everything fans love about the fan. Extravagant, full of synths, and has all kinds of 70s funk. Not too far from their usual electronic rock, but a definite switch from their first single, "Love Me", which relied heavily on 80s synth-pop. Click this (link) to buy the song on iTunes and or preorder the album, which we recommend you do. It's worth the $1.29

The squeaky intro, and the groove the guitar delivers is unparalleled. It's the same bounce and swing that can be found on their song "Girls", but a lot more produced. The underlying funk tone to the song doesn't hurt either. But what kills it is the production. Electronic rock bands dance a fine line between being annoying and catchy. The 1975 really dances on that line with this single. 

For first time listeners, they can find all the synths and the production on Healy's voice a bit much. The glossy guitar is also reminiscent of the 70s and 80s. Though compared to "Love Me", this song tones down those influences, and returns to their usual blend of pop, indie, and electronic rock. Returning listeners may have to listen a few times before getting into the song, but once you do there's no stopping the tune from taking over. And after watching the music video, we dare you to say you didn't want to get up and start dancing with Healy. 

Healy writes dark lyrics to a poppy song, "It's just a simple diuretic that prevents the empathetic, from being just and giving it up." Like "Chocolate" which also dealt with drugs and drug use, Healy continues his story in "UGH!" It's fairly obvious the song's theme revolves around drugs, specifically cocaine. But the way Healy goes about address the subject matter is very clever. You can still enjoy the "earmworm" quality of the song, even if the lyrics are addressing sensitive subject matter, and in a dark way. One can forget how talented he is, in the wake of all the fangirl nonsense. He's not just an attractive frontman, he's a great musician. 

Summary - 
This album's hype will only grow from now until the release date. The two singles, however different, make this one easy listen. So far it's fun, upbeat pop songs with some well rounded lyrics. "UGH!" isn't life changing, nor is it anything particularly new for the band, but what it lacks in "pizzazz" it makes up for in its groove and hooks. Possibly the catchiest, most danceable song about cocaine that isn't written by some skanky white girl (you know who that was directed at), we would recommend this new song for fans of New Politics and Beautiful Bodies. 

Rating - 7.5 to 8/10