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June 15, 2015

I the Mighty - "Connector" Review

Review of I the Mighty's new album "Connector". Click the following link to purchase the album on iTunes (Connector). 

For those of you who aren't familiar with this band, let me give you some background info. I the Mighty is an alternative rock band based out of San Francisco. They've been making music since 2007, but were signed to Equal Vision Records back in 2011. They're first studio album, Satori, was released in 2013. Prior they had a string of EPs, most notably Karma Never Sleeps in 2012.  They've toured with bands like Say Anything, Architects, Hands Like Houses and letlive. Last year they were a part of the Vans Warped Tour. I had the pleasure of seeing their set in Hartford, and it was everything I hoped it would be. Their live performances are just as memorable as their CDs.

Which brings me to the review. If I had to put a genre label on their sound (I'm not a big fan of categorizing music into one genre since most modern bands cross sounds) I'd say they are an alt-rock band who pulls inspiration from post hardcore and progressive rock. Their earlier work is more pop punk meets indie-rock, with some acoustic numbers. Today, they're mixing rock, post hardcore, and some pop to give listeners a truly unique experience. 

Connector is a culmination of everything the band has learned these past few years. It shows their growth, and how willing they are to experiment with their sound. It's not too far off from the styles they produced in Satori. But unlike their debut, this album feels more, well, connected. It's more polished, more put together, and much more melodic. The album pulls from multiple genres (pop, hardcore, and even some soul in the vocals). This is the best effort from a seriously under appreciated band. The boys of ItM have found themselves and "connected" their heads with their hearts to make an amazing album. 
Lyrics are creative, and offer a more thoughtful side to a band that is known for their artsy approach to song writing. 

The production in  particular should be highlighted. Some albums of this genre are overtaken by one aspect of the band, whether it be the guitar, vocals, bass, electronics or drums. This album is perfectly balanced. Not to say their previous works haven't been, but this album is especially sweet to the ear. To whomever mixed this album, I give you two thumbs up, and a "Good job" sticker. 

The lead single, "Playing Catch with .22", is definitely a must listen kind of song. It's a perfect example of the band's progression and their style. It starts soft, with minimal guitar and bass, but a driving drum beat and on point vocals from Brent Walsh. Other note worthy tracks include "Lady of Death", "The Hound and the Fox", and "The Lying Eyes of Miss Erray"

Summary -

This album proves that this band is one to watch. The band gives the listener an edgy, yet accessible sound that still has the ItM signature. And one of the best things is that they're still growing, so there's no telling how great this band will become in the future. Underrated, and under appreciated, it's amazing that this band hasn't broken into the spotlight yet. They've got everything to become one of the top bands in their already crowded genre. I recommend this album for fans of Pierce the Veil, Hands Like Houses, and Too Close To Touch.  

Favorite track - 

Probably "Playing Catch with .22" but also put an ear to "The Lying Eyes of Miss Erray" and "Friends featuring Max Bemis of Say Anything"

Rating -