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November 24, 2015

Tonight Alive - "To Be Free" Single Review

An early Christmas present for fans, Tonight Alive just released the opening track for their new album "Limitless". Where "Human Interaction" failed to impress, their new single is a different story. Their highly anticipated 3rd album won't be out until March, so hopefully you'll be able to stand the wait. Until then, you can rock out to their new song, "To Be Free". Click this (link) to buy the song on iTunes.

The album's opening song has a very "take charge" vibe going on. Jenna McDougall's vocals are laced with effects dancing on the line of autotune. The difference between this and other songs like it, the effects have a purpose and suit the song. McDougall's voice doesn't come off as whiney or annoying. A round of applause for David Bendeth for a his production on this song. The work he'd done on We Came as Roman's self titled album translated perfectly into Tonight Alive's music. 

Where "Human Interaction" felt like disconnected, and a bit forced, this song feels more like the natural progression from the band's previous work. With songs like "Don't Wish" and "Complexes" as bases, "To Be Free" takes those alt. rock and electronic sounds the band experimented with and builds on them. It's on the quieter side, but still carries all the weight and power as songs like "Lonely Girl" or "The Fire". In terms of an album opener, it's perfect. As stated before, opening songs should be something that grabs the listener's attention, and makes them eager to listen to the rest of the album. "To Be Free" does an excellent job doing both. 

The chorus has the same airy feel that "The Edge" had, but this song is more sophisticated and mature. The band has proven that this new sound they're going for isn't just some label meddling nonsense. They're still the same Tonight Alive, just with a more approachable coating. The bridge features another powerful combo of effects and layering. So again, round of applause to David Bendeth for a stellar job.

Bottom line, it's so much fucking better than "Human Interaction". The band takes the electronic rock influences from the album's first single and works them into a much better song. It's mainstream appeal is still laced with touches of the band's usual pop punk, alt. rock. It's up there with Bring Me The Horizon's new music, as well as PVRIS and CHVRCHES

Rating - 8.5/10