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December 31, 2015

Thank You!

The year is closing, and we just want to take the time to say thanks! 

Thank you for clicking on our links, commenting, and sharing. We didn't know what to expect when we started this blog, but we're thrilled to see people taking an interest. Thank you for getting us over 5,000 views in 6 months! Thank you for not leaving hate comments, and for putting up with our opinionated nature.

Social media has played a HUGE role in our success. Constantly sharing links to reviews and posts, and even getting shout outs from the bands themselves, we would like to thank Twitter and Facebook for helping us grow. 

But most of all, thanks for reading. Most of our views are just from people visiting the homepage, but for the select few who read even one sentence of our reviews, we thank you from the bottom of our hearts. We'd love for this to turn into something more, but if this is it, we're happy. 

If anyone is reading this, and they want to get involved, please leave a comment or email us at We can't promise anything, but we're happy to have volunteers. This is an entirely DIY blog, whose goal hasn't changed since day 1. Write music reviews for the fans. 

We'd like to take a moment to deliver some sad news. We've been doing a lot of "soul searching" and come 2016, we'll be undergoing another name change. It's hard to find the right name, something that stands out and isn't being used by another blog, company, etc. PlatypusReviews was the working name for a brief time, and we had planned on Inspired By... being the permanent name, but things change. 

We're open to suggestions, so leave a comment if you think you've got a better name in mind. If we can't come up with anything, we'll leave IBR as is. 

One last thank you. Thanks for reading this far! Hope your holiday season was a good one. We're just glad exams are finally over. 

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