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December 27, 2015

Picturesque - "Monstrous Things" EP Review

We didn't think it was possible for someone to have a voice higher than Kellin Quinn's, but then Picturesque goes and shatters the glass ceiling. In true record label battle fashion, Equal Vision has found their own Sleeping with Sirens in this new signee. Their EP "Monstrous Things" debuted on November 20. Click this (link) to buy the album on iTunes.

(P.S we're sorry this is about a month and a half late. Better late than never?)

Like fellow Lexington, KY rockers Too Close To Touch, Picturesque infuses a little alt. rock into their post hardcore. But rather than go down the I the Mighty road like TCTT, Picturesque decided to go back a few years in time. Back to 2010, when Kellin Quinn and his voice dominated the emo-rock world, and Sleeping with Sirens wasn't so much a laughing stock in the hardcore community. 

While the EP is "safe", it would be foolish not to listen to it. The band are sure to rise, what with their infectious sound and irresistible frontman. "Speak Softly", the lead single, is rightly so as it's the best representation of the group's skills. Frontman Kyle Hollis shows off his range, which rivals the aforementioned Kellin Quinn. As the song climaxes, and Hollis' voice spikes as well, using high notes to emphasize the song's ups and downs. It's really an emotional roller coaster.

Hollis's voice isn't the only thing that carries great weight. The guitars and drums contribute and create a dynamic that can be found in more experienced bands. As with most post hardcore, the bass is drowned out, but ever present. Steadily keeping the pace of the song moving, but anchors the intense guitars. 

But the energy found in this track isn't carried over to the other songs. There are moments where "Who You Are" seems to echo "Speak Softly" in energy and spirit, but overall it doesn't leave as lasting an impression. The title track is another that struggles to gain any real momentum, but is an overall pleasant track. Seeing as this is the band's second EP, we're fine with the "safe tracks". We only hope their debut album will have more "Speak Softly" ones. 

Summary -
Not groundbreaking, nor is it a huge standout, but it proves that with a little time and training, Picturesque may prove to be the next big thing for Equal Vision. The band has talent, a great frontman, charisma, and a unique take on the usually very boring genre. Here's to the future, which looks bright for these Kentucky bred boys. 

Rating - 7.5/10