Best of 2016 Playlist

May 29, 2016

Architects - "All Our Gods Have Abandoned Us" Review

It's hard to believe Architects are already on album #7. Seems like only yesterday we were excited for "Hollow Crown". And this new album delivers big on the band's reputation. If you're looking for a 45 minute onslaught of metalcore perfection, then here it is. "All Out Gods Have Abandoned Us" are Architects in top form. 

Fair warning, review is pretty long. To buy the album on iTunes please click the following (link). 

May 28, 2016

The Amity Affliction - "I Bring The Weather with Me" Single Review

The Amity Affliction are back for 2016! Their 5th studio album, "This Could Be Heartbreak" is set for an August 12 release date. Following "Let The Ocean Take Me", TAA continue the less aggressive rock sound they started with "Shine On". Their upcoming record's lead single, "I Bring The Weather with Me" is definitely a surprise for fans of their heavier work. 

To preorder the album on iTunes, and instantly get the album's first single, click this (link).

May 24, 2016

Issues - "Headspace" Review

A "new" take on "nu metal" (pardon the pun), Issues have fine tuned their sound, and are on their way to a mainstream crossover (at least we're guessing that's what they're aiming to do). This album isn't for metalheads, nor is it for rap-aficionados. It's for anyone willing to look past genre boundaries and try something new. 

Fair warning, this review is pretty long. The album is 13 tracks long, so there's a lot of ground to cover. 

Click this (link) to buy "Headspace" on iTunes. And don't forget to catch the band on Warped Tour this summer. 

May 20, 2016

letlive. - "Reluctantly Dead" Single Review

The second single off letlive's upcoming 4th album, "If I'm the Devil...". The band slows things down a bit in terms of sound, but their lyrics say otherwise. You'll be pumping your fists in the air in no time. This is the most anthemic letlive. song yet, and we're loving every second of "Reluctantly Dead". 

To preorder the album on iTunes click this (link).

Saosin - "Along The Shadow" Review

Fans have been patiently waiting for Saosin's 3rd album, and the return of original vocalist Anthony Green. Well, the album's here, and suffice to say, the wait was worth it.

To buy "Along the Shadow" on iTunes click the following (link). 

May 17, 2016

Pierce the Veil - "Misadventures" Review

It's finally here! The long awaited 4th album from San Diego natives, Pierce the Veil! We "held on till may", and now can finally sit back and enjoy all that is "Misadventures". 

This is our first track-by-track review. Can't guarantee more reviews like this in the future, but if you enjoyed this format let us know! To buy the album on iTunes click this (link). 

Featured Band - twenty øne piløts

And this month's Featured Band is... twenty øne piløtsIt's been exactly one year since their album, "Blurryface" hit stores. And the band's success seems to grow with each passing week. The album's third single, "Stressed Out" has since become a crossover hit on mainstream charts. Can TØP be stopped? Nope. 

To see last month's featured band click this (link). And to purchase TØP's latest album, "Blurryface" on iTunes click this (link). 

May 13, 2016

Modern Baseball - "Holy Ghost" Review

Small time band with some big ideas. Make this one of your must listen to albums of the year. It's insightful, introspective, and completely unexpected. Modern Baseball's 3rd album will tug at heart strings, and at the same time, get you bouncing in your seat. "Holy Ghost" is sure to be an instant classic. So don't miss out. 

To buy the album on iTunes, click this (link). 

May 8, 2016

Emarosa - "Cloud 9" Single Review

Emarosa are heading out on this summer's Warped Tour. As an added bonus, they've announced their new album, "131" will be released while on tour (July 8 to be exact). The record's lead single, "Cloud 9" was released last week. This will be the band's first album on Hopeless Records, the first new rhythm guitarist Marcellus Wallace, and the first without founding member and bassist Will Sowers. A lot of firsts for the band this time out. 

Click the following (link) to preorder the album on iTunes. 

May 7, 2016

Beartooth - "Loser" Single Review

We're quickly approaching the release date of many new albums. One of the most anticipated has to be Beartooth's sophomore record, "Aggressive". It's shaping up to be one of the heaviest releases this summer. So if you're looking for something to head band or mosh to, this would be your ideal album. 

To preorder "Aggressive" click this (link). To read our reviews of previous singles, "Aggressive" or "Always Dead" click the respective links. 

Beartooth - "Always Dead" Single Review

Beartooth gave us a double whammy releasing two new songs within three days of each other. We've already reviewed "Aggressive", so now it's time for single #2, "Always Dead". And get ready for our review of single #3, "Loser". 

To preorder the album, "Aggressive" and instantly get the first two singles via iTunes, please click the following (link). 

May 2, 2016

Music Video Monday - Post Apocalyptic MVs

We're going ahead with a theme this week rather than featured band. Want to suggest a future theme, or a featured band, leave a comment below. To see last week's MVM, click this (link). 

Pierce the Veil - "Circles" Single Review

There are only 10 days until Pierce the Veil's new album! The band dropped new single, "Circles" last week, and we've been hooked since then. Excited yet? To read reviews of previous singles, "The Divine Zero" and "Texas Is Forever" click the respective links. 

To preorder the album, click the following (link). And make sure to catch them on tour this June, where they'll be performing "Misadventures" in its entirety, with I the Mighty and Movements