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September 29, 2015

Panic! at the Disco - "Victorious" Single Review

We were less than thrilled with Panic! at the Disco's previous single, "Death of a Bachelor" earlier this month. But less than 30 days later and the band has returned with this new single. Impressive, full of spunk, and has Panic! written all over it. This is the right way to get people psyched for a new album. Click this (link) to buy the track on iTunes. 

You get the feeling from the single art, as well as the audio video, they band wants the song to be featured in the Olympics. Whether that's true or not, it doesn't detract from the song. It's certainly got the energy and zest to be a worldwide single. Taking a cue from Bring Me The Horizon, the song kicks off with some cheerleader chants, "Tonight we are victorious. Champagne pouring over us. All my friends were glorious. Tonight we are victorious."

I'll admit, initially I wasn't that big a fan of the song. But a few listens later and I'm humming it all day. You have to love the lyrics, especially the"Oh we got to turn up the crazy. Living like a washed up celebrity." The whole song oozes with "party till the sunrise" and like vibes. This is the Panic I've been waiting for. "Hallelujah" is Panic's "Ain't It Fun" in many ways, so I guess that makes "Victorious" their "Anklebiters(All you Paramore fans better you'll understand that)

Bouncing, fast, with a few touches of new-wave music that make this track standout amongst the competition. It's also a nice nod to the band's roots. That clever baroque pop, alt. rock blend doesn't make a big splash in their music anymore, but its presence is much stronger than it had been in their previous album. This track t still has plenty of modern touches, but it's not overflowing with synths and electronics (though I did enjoy them in "Too Weird..."). It's like they fond a middle ground between "A Fever..." and "Too Weird..." with all different styles incorporated into the song. It has all the fun of their their 2013 album, while maintaining the theatrics of "I Write Sins...", or at least embodying them. Let's be honest, you can't replicate their original hit, it's one of a kind.  

Brendon's vocals grow with each album. Listening to the band's music from 2006 to the present (almost 10 years can you believe it?), you may find yourself in awe at how Urie's voice and grown. Not only has he matured, but his voice emotes even better than in the band's debut. The only thing I have to complain about is that I would prefer it if they didn't produce his voice so much. Live performances are always awesome because Urie's vocals are twice as strong as they are in the studio versions. 

Summary - 
In true Panic! fashion, the band blindsides fans and listeners once more with this unexpectedly awesome track. After the gospel fueled "Hallelujah", and the 50s inspired jazz number "Death of a Bachelor" The song is the best of Panic's electronic rock and the band's original baroque song. It would have been one hell of a summer song, but as a fall song it's dominant. I can already see marching bands across the country playing this at games. Their upcoming album is just over the horizon, and it's shaping up to be the best yet. Now if only they could give us a release date...

Rating -