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September 5, 2015

Get Scared - "Buried Alive" Single Review

The male equivalent to fellow goth rockers New Years Day have just released a new single! And announced that their new album, "Demons" will be released Oct. 30th, the day before Halloween! Ironically enough, Get Scared will be touring with NYD, Eyes Set to Kill and New Volume this fall. To get tickets click this (link), and to preorder the album click this (link). Halloween just got a whole lot better!

Music that, at times, borders on the theatrical, Get Scared's sound can be described as a mix of My Chemical Romance and Motionless in White. The metal influences, along with the goth edge, and the theatrical nature of their songs makes this one hell of band. And while most post hardcore/metalcore bands are transitioning to a lighter sound, Get Scared are doing the exact opposite. Releasing the heaviest song yet, with unclean vocals playing a bigger role, Get Scared have returned with a new edgier sound. And that's saying something when they already have tracks like "Sarcasm", "My Nightmare" and "Told Ya So". 

"Buried Alive" marks a shift from their original sound. Their My Chemical Romance influences are toned down, and a new metal edge takes control. The lighter chorus is the only thing that resembles their previous songs. That said, don't think that's a bad thing because this song is stellar. Lyrically it's still the same GS. "We're hopeless buried alive in what we say". So don't worry little pretty heads, GS haven't sacrificed anything for this new sound. 

A seriously fast paced song just over 3 minutes long, "Buried Alive" is relentless in its attack. You aren't given a second to relax, thrown from verse to chorus, and then into brutal breakdowns. Producer Erik Ron worked with the band on their 2012 EP, and sophomore release. He teams up again with GS for their 3rd album, while also helming New Years Day's 3rd album. The band have stated that this will be their "darkest, most forward and passionate album to date." And with that being said, we eagerly await the next single.

Summary -
Motionless in White without the electronics and tedious metal cliches, Get Scared is the band anyone who enjoys a little horror in their day. Adding some more metal to their aesthetic has done the band wonders. This song rightfully opens the album on a dark but catchy note. Clearly ready for anything life throws at them, the band has steadily improved with each release. Their 3rd album is sure to be a winner, and will hopefully hold more of this new, heavier side of the band. Everything gets better with time, and Get Scared have proven that correct. 

Rating -