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September 25, 2015

ICE NINE KILLS - "Bloodbath & Beyond" Single Review

Our boys in ICE NINE KILLS are back with a brand new single! Just signed to Fearless Records, they announced their new album "Every Trick in the Book" would be released December 4th! The first single since February's "Me, Myself, and Hyde", showcases the band's prowess as they continue the metalcore sound they polished in "The Predator Becomes the Prey". Click this (link) to buy their new song on iTunes. 

The band's lineup has gone through many changes, with Charnas being the only remaining original member. With him at the helm, the band has grown in leaps and bands in the past few years. After being signed to Fearless Records imprint, Outerloop Records, they released their 3rd album in January of 2014. The release was their first for Outerloop, and was met with a great response from fans and critics alike. Securing a place on Warped Tour 2014 only furthered the band's success. 

So coming off a high like that can either make or break a band. February's single wasn't spectacular, but was a solid release that tied fans over until today. The band's flare for the dramatic, and love for horror should come as no surprise. In prior releases, the band downplayed the theatrics to hone their metalcore style. INK had originally been a ska, pop punk, post hardcore band (which is as weird as you'd expect). Their 2nd album, "Safe Is Just A Shadow" reintroduced the band to the masses, now an experimental metal outlet. 

"The Predator Becomes the Prey" showcased the best aspects of the band, which are only amplified in this new single. A soft opening with backing piano builds into a raging intro and verse. The dual unclean vocals from Charnas and guitarist Justin "JD" deBlieck are as strong as ever. I never knew you could get harmonies from unclean vocals, but wow these two really do compliment each other perfectly. And Charnas' clean vocals just keep getting better and better. You wouldn't expect it, but his voice carries quite the punch, evident in songs like the acoustic version of "Jonathan". 

Though this single can get a bit "chuggy" at times, it can be overlooked that seeing as previous songs are very technically impressive. So it's not like the band isn't capable of writing more technical songs. But once in a while, it's nice to throw something more "expected" in for fans. Besides it's hard to top the opening guitar riff from "Let's Bury the Hatchet...In Your Head" which really can't be beat. That aside, the song is sure to fit nicely with setlist staples like "The Coffin is Moving" and "The Fastest Way To A Girl's Heart Is Through Her Ribcage" (the latter being one of the more theatrical songs on INK's 3rd album). 

Summary -
ICE NINE KILLS add yet another stellar song to their roster. Though not one of the big names in metalcore yet, they are definitely a band to watch. They bring a more elaborate, dramatic touch to the typical metal routine. We really can't emphasize how much we recommend this to fans of New Years Day or Get Scared. The band will be touring this fall with rookie Fearless bands Wage War and The White Noise, plus My Enemies and I

Rating - 8.5/10