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September 7, 2015

New Politics - "Vikings" Review

Dance pop and electronic meets punk, that's New Politics in a nutshell. Previous albums from this Danish band were, well, incomplete. But their 3rd album is, for the most part, a cohesive collection of fun songs. Signing to DCD2 Records, Pete Wentz's label, has done the band a world of good. Wentz infuses some emo into the band's sound, and the band themselves have come into their own as song writers. 

"Everywhere I Go" starts with a looped clapped percussion and a great electronic beat. David Boyd's rap singing style suits this song much more so than the band's previous songs. 
In fact, the band has almost completely done away with the half rapping, opting for melodies and catchy electronic samplers in the majority of their tracks. The song's chorus is bouncy and extremely catchy. Electronics blended seamlessly with the other instruments, making a fun dance punk track. 

"West End Kids" however is the superior single. One seriously kick ass anthem, which could very well become a sleeper hit with the mainstream radios. Boyd's singing has never been better, and there's not half rapping here. Sure the lyrics are a bit generic for this type of anthem, but the delivery is near perfect. Better yet, video for "West End Kids" features NP vs Fall Out Boy in a comedic video game style. 

Other standout dance tracks include "Girl Crush", "Aristocrat" (which has a particularly catchy chorus), and "15 Dreams". "Girl Crush" features a great clapped beat, and a crunchy guitar riff. A elecropop tune that has a breakdown similar to Avril Lavigne's "Girlfriend" breakdown. "Aristocrat" starts out heavier, but then lightens for the choruses. The guitars are still a bit grittier and deeper, which gives it a punk vibe. You can't not love the chorus, "Cause you're a rich bitch, and you're super bad. With your black lips, and your taxi cabs. I'm a quick fix for the shit you lack. Dirty porcelain, sick aristocrat."

The slower yet still memorable "Lovers In A Song" is a nice way to break up the album. It isn't a stripped down track, nor is it any sort of anthem or ballad. It's simple an electronic song with highly addictive hooks set to a slower tempo. Which is good because even energetic albums can find themselves dragging their feet. 

Weakest song is probably "Stardust". The electronics don't make the song better, in fact the music would have been better off without the synths in the chorus. The piano and drum beat are perfect in the verses. The chorus is what drags this track down. Boyd's vocals are strongest here, but are then smothered in electronics for the chorus. Poor decision making is what it ultimately boils down to. 

Summary -
A step in the right direction, you may not be able to describe this as perfect, but it's an album you party animals would do well to listen to. Catchy, bright, and full of sing along moments, this album is pure fun. For fans of PVRIS, Panic! at the Disco, Ellie Goulding, and maybe even Breath Carolina, this band has mastered the skill of writing great club songs. In their next album, we'd love to see them branch out a little, as the guys are clearly capable of writing even better albums.

Favorite Tracks -
"West End Kids", "Aristocrat", and "Girl Crush" are must listen to tracks. "Loyalties Among Thieves" and "Pretend We're In A Movie" are personal favorites of mine. 

Rating -