Best of 2016 Playlist

September 11, 2015

Best of the Artist - All Time Low

Everyone's favorite Baltimore boys are next up in our "Best of the Artist" series. We already covered their pop punk predecessors blink-182 in this Top 10 countdown series (link), so now it's All Time Low's turn. If we make anyone butthurt, sorry. If you think we forgot a song be sure to check out our honorable mentions on our Best of the Artist page.   

10. Therapy
The most successful "slow song" from ATL, it closes the band's 3rd album, "Nothing Personal". Written about frontman Alex Gaskarth's experiences with grief and pain, it touches all who hear it. Anyone who has felt pain can relate to the lyrics, which is what makes it such a great song. You don't have to be a fan of ATL, or even like pop punk to understand the song's meaning. If you get the chance, check out the acoustic version (link). 

Kids in the Dark
Taking a page from Fall Out Boy's "The Phoenix"ATL decided it was their turn for a rock arena anthem. "Kids in the Dark" is the kind of song you chant in large crowds, a song as massive as the band's new found confidence. There are pop punk influences, but mostly mainstream rock is pumping through this track. Lyrics that are a call to arms for all those misunderstood kids who need a battle cry song. 

8. If These Sheets Were States / For Baltimore
A tie between these two heavy hitters from the band's 5th album, "Don't Panic", they are current setlist staples. One written for the band's hometown of Baltimore, Maryland, the other an addictive song about long distance lovers. Either way, you may find yourself having a musical orgasum fro these two pop punk tunes. Opening riffs from both songs are excellent. "For Baltimore" choosing smooth acoustics before breaking into a powerful verse. "If These..." opting for palm muted guitars then a full opening riff. Both will have you humming along in no time. The latter of the two helping the band comeback from their major label nightmare. 

7. Damned If I Do Ya (Damned If I Don't)

Damned if this isn't catchy, and damned if this isn't another formulaic pop punk track. ATL gives fans an upbeat, danceable tune as the 2nd single from "Nothing Personal". Drums beats drive the song home, and guitars and bass provide unforgettable riffs. Damned if this isn't one of the best tracks the band has ever written. Simplicity has its perks.  

6. Somewhere in Neverland 
The second single from the band's 5th album, you can sum this song up in three words, addictive as fuck. I dare you to find a song about not growing up as well written as this. It's not unusual to use the whole Peter Pan bit to convey that message, but there's something special about ATL's take. With pop punk, the concept of growing up doesn't seem to exist (hard to believe the ATL boys are almost 30). The successor of to "Weightless" in terms of theme, "Somewhere..." revived the band from their 2011 train wreck of an album, and gave them another melodic hit. 

5. Break Your Little Heart 
The track from which the album gets it's name, this is song is the band's "First Date" in multiple ways. Heartbreak, and heartache run the lyrics, while a quick succession of power chords form the riffs. Today it is among the setlist staples from the band's sophomore album. Faster and more lively than "Damned..." it picks up the pace of the album and keeps listeners ready for more. 

4. Something's Gotta Give
The lead single from the band's 6th album, and one of the only tracks worth listening to, "Something's Gotta Give" is a slower song compared to some of the band's high octane numbers. That doesn't make it weaker. The guitar riff is just like any other from ATL, simple but catchy. Recalling thoughts of the band's early works, this song shows off the band's maturity and growth. While it is a solid, through and through pop punk track, there are touches of mainstream pop rock here and there. 

3. Dear Maria, Count Me In

The signature song, the one everyone knows by heart, and almost always the setlist closer. Yes fans everywhere know this song. Certified Gold in 2011 and then Platinum in 2015, this is the ATL equivalent to blink-182's "Dammit". Written about a stripper trying to become a celebrity, it isn't a very intellectually stimulating song. But the song's hooks and that damn chorus make it one of the best songs the band has released. 

2. A Love like War (feat. Vic Fuentes)
The band's most successful collaboration, this was released on the band's reissue of "Don't Panic: It's Longer Now". With a hook to back up Vic and Alex's vocals, it's little wonder why this song is so incredible. Rian Dawson gives one of his best performances on the drums, the beats behind the chorus sublime. The opening guitar riff is memorable and starts the song off on a "softer" note. The verse kicks in and the drum brings everything to life, and the chorus takes that life even further. "Hearts on fire tonight. Feel my bones ignite! Feels like war..." it doesn't get much better than this people. 

1. Weightless
The quintessential ATL song, it's a classic pop punk. Right before the new decade, "Weightless" was released as their first single from the band's 3rd album. Following the typical pop punk formulas (soft verses, energetic chorus) it does everything right. A song written about growing up, it's a standard on pop punk playlists.  In 2014 it was certified Gold, and was the first song from ATL to receive massive radio airplay. Where "Dear Maria..." is the band's "Dammit" this is All Time Low's "All the Small Things".