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October 2, 2015

New Years Day - "Malevolence" Review

After months of patient waiting, it's finally here! New Years Day's much anticipated 3rd album, "Malevolence". After releasing a string of singles this summer, October brings us the full length effort from our gothic rock band. To read our reviews of songs "Kill or Be Killed", "Relentless" and "Left Inside" click the links. And you can click this (link) to buy the album on iTunes. 

"Victim to Villain" was a HUGE step in the right direction. Well "Malevolence" is a step forward and into Wes Craven's mind (RIP Wes). Where the band's sophomore album mixed the band's pop punk, alt rock with some edgier guitars and lyrics, their 3rd album dives head first into the rabbit hole. Except instead of Wonderland being on the other side, you get ZombielandThe title track is definitely straight out of a horror movie. 

If you're looking for something more along the line of alt. rock, then "Save Myself from Me" is for you. It's fits in perfectly with "Bloody Mary", and "Victim". An album highlight as it blends some of the band's heavier material seemlessly with their metalcore stylings. And the effects done in the bridges are unexpected but excellently layered over Ash's vocals. Her vocals are strongest on "Scream", which draws from mainstream rock and pop. The production over her vocals is reminiscent of a synth pop number you might hear from say Katy Perry or maybe even the current version of T. Swift. It's a pleasant surprise, though it takes a while to get used to. 

Aside from "Save Myself from Me", be prepared for a full onslaught of alt. metal goodness. Guitars tuned as low as they can go, and double bass beats aplenty, the album doesn't exactly classify as metalcore. It's more of a fusion of metalcore, hard rock, and whatever you call New Years Day's previous sound (maybe we start calling them gothcore, or maybe horrorcore?) The one song that doesn't follow this formula is "Suffer". It exposes the band with some soft, alt. rock vibes in the beginning. The chorus transforms the song into another anthem. And while the chorus can come off as a bit forced, the rest of the song is a solid 9/10. 

One of the new standout tracks is "I'm About to Break You". Marilyn Manson would have loved to have written this track. It's alt. metal perfection. From Ash's lyrics to the subtle guitar solo in the bridge. Erik Ron carefully layers on some nice sound effects to give the song that extra macabre vibe. Over all his production is spot on. Where NYD has found their niche in gothcore, Ron has found his in producing gothcore (fellow goth rockers Get Scared will be releasing their new album, "Demons" the night before Halloween). Initial concerns brought on by the poor production in "Kill or Be Killed" have been allayed. 

"Alone" is another stand out song. Ash has always written close to the heart lyrics, and this song just gives fans another reason to love her. There are very few writers with the ability to write lyrics that are so relatable, and at the same time convey such emotion. They'll tear at your heart in the best ways possible, and give you a fair warning that if you try to tear at hers, Ash will fuck you up. 

Summary -
The band fully commits to their horror filled hard rock, metal sound. Fans new and old will find at least one track they love to pieces, and one they aren't really thrilled with. Ash's lyrics are dark and haunted at best, though sometimes bordering on a goth cliche. But seeing as this is the band's first serious metal album we'll let it slide. 

This is one album for fans of fellow horror rockers ICE NINE KILLS, Get Scared, and My Enemies and I. Ironically all of whom all signed to Fearless Records, along with Motionless in White who are all but synonymous with goth metal). So here's to hoping that one day we'll get them all on one label, because Fearless seems to know what they're doing. 

We'll be sure to include this one on our Top 10 Albums of 2015, as it is their best, most composed release to date. 

Favorite Tracks -
"Relentless" is on top but don't forget to give "Save Myself from Me", "I'm About to Break You, "Alone" and "Anthem of the Unwanted" a listen. 

Rating -