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November 10, 2015

Get Scared - "Demons" Review

Halloween may have passed, but Get Scared would beg to differ with their new album. Their music takes a dive into metalcore, and then surfaces with a mouthful of intestines. Or something like that. Anyways, it's pretty damn good. Not just for the holidays (though we don't recommend you listen to this on the way to church Christmas day), but whenever you're looking for a little shock value. Click this (link) to buy the album on iTunes. **Sorry this one took us so long to post** To read our reviews of the album's two main singles "Buried Alive" and "Suffer" click the links provided. 

Like a pint sized My Chemical Romance, with their own Gerard Way at the helm, Get Scared follow the path forged by bands like MCR and Motionless in White. This isn't the kind of band you listen to on the beach with a crush. This is what you'd play if you were murdering your crush with a hacksaw. Try not to take that too literally. 

The last single released for the album, "R.I.P" has some also rap like unclean vocals. Don't take that the wrong way, the band aren't pulling any nu metal shit. The verses are very rhythmic and methodic, which gives the song a sort of R&B vibe. The drum beat backs this up ten-fold. And despite what the singles may lead you to believe, the rest of the band's album isn't as heavy as you may have predicted. There'a a stronger unclean vocal presence, but the chugged guitars and breakdowns aren't so plentiful. They're still there, but the role they play in each song varies. 

In fact, instrumentals are pretty much the same as before, which is a little sad. By the third album, we hope a band tries something new, even if it doesn't work. Orchestration is heavily incorporated into "The Devil's In The Details". That's not anything particularly new to the band's sound, but the more obvious presence is refreshing. There are also some stronger lead guitar moments in "Second Guessing", and a decent drum fill. And the guitar work in "Addict" shouldn't be left out either. The sharp lead guitar is spot on for the song. So GS are doing some new stuff, but they don't broadcast this at top volume. 

The one thing that has really taken a turn for the better are the lyrics and frontman, Nicholas Matthews' vocal skills. He takes on full unclean vocal responsibilities, something the band hadn't really utilized in previous releases. It's nice to see them branching out in this respect, as you can't have gothcore without some killer screams. And you can't have screams without some "I'm here to fuck shit up" lyrics. 

Matthews' has clearly been jerked around one too many times, and is letting out every bit of fury out. "Take A Bow" exposes some wounds, and the familiar theme of a neglectful parent resonates. His voice has always been very emotive, but Matthews' skills have been upped for this release. There's the perfect balance between the unclean and clean vocals, as well as the song's more metalcore inclined moments. 

We had hope to see more of the edgier Get Scared we got in songs like "Sarcasm", "Scream", and "Whore". Well we what wanted and more. Matthews belting out "I fucking hate this. Like falling backwards in the same shit. And there's no way you're gonna change this. Cause panic hangs me from the same tree" in "Relax, Relapse" is intense in the best ways possible. Subtle effects ring in the background, and just make this song that much more eerie. Erik Ron, we tip our hats off to you. The electronic tweeks in "Under My Skin" are the only complaint we have in terms of production. The little squeak sounds are a little too much. 

Summary -
Get Scared's new album shows some more sophisticated moments, but it's still the same GS we've come to love. Having gone heavier on this new album, they are still able to write catchy gothic tunes. Old fans and new fans alike will find at least one or two songs on this album to love. We look forward to seeing what the future holds for the band. They're sound has only gotten better with time, like a fine wine. Their 3rd album proves to be the best of the bunch. Recommended for fans of My Chemical Romance, New Years Day, and Famous Last Words. 

Favorite Tracks - 
The three singles are givens, but be sure to listen to "What If I'm Right" and "Relax, Relapse".  

Rating - 8.5/10