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September 16, 2015

Single Shots - blessthefall Review


blessthefall have just released the 3rd single from their upcoming 5th album, and boy oh boy is it shaping up to be a memorable one. In preparation for their album, we've done a sort of compilation review to cover the 3 songs released thus far. blessthefall's new album, "To Those Left Behind", will be released this Friday, and we're anxious to see how it as a whole turns out. 

blessthefall released lead single "Up in Flames" back in July, to luke warm fan reaction. We're sad to say we have to agree. While the song had brighter moments in the chorus with the lead guitar, but the overall picture was disappointing. 

Beau's poorly mixed vocals detract from the song. Whoever mixed them thought that making his voice even higher pitched and whiney would be a plus. It's not. The worst part of the song are the"ohs" in the bridge, which don't suit the band at all. There's nothing interesting from a technical standpoint, aside from the lead guitar solos in the chorus. Lots of chugged breakdowns, and a weak vocal delivery in the chorus. There is so much room for improvement, we'd like to think that this was a demo that snaked its way onto the album. All in all, it's a generic track that doesn't meet the usually high standards of BTF

Second single "Walk on Water" was better received from fans, featuring a better chorus and a guitar riff. Still, it's nothing compared to other songs like "You Wear a Crown..." or fan favorite "Hey Baby...". The energy is a little deluded in the chorus, but it's definitely superior to the "Up in Flames" chorus. The lead guitar is given more chances to shine, and the production is evened out so every instrument can be heard. The main draw back are Beau's vocals in the pre chorus. The softer bits don't provide the song with that something extra. They don't provide anything but a chance to fall asleep after such an energetic opener. 

"Dead Air" finds us somewhere in the middle of the first two singles. It's not the strongest song the band has ever produced, but it's far better than "Up in Flames" (which is one of the worst choices for a lead single ever). The opening guitar is incredible, and kicks the song off on an energetic note. Then the verse starts, and all that energy is dropped. Beau Bokan gives a decent performance, though the autotune on his vocals is unnecessary. 

No unclean vocals here, just Beau giving us a vocal delivery better suited for mainstream rock than the band's stylish metalcore. In fact this doesn't even classify as metalcore. At best it's alt. metal or hard rock. "Dead Air" is just that, dead. Better than "Up in Flames", but still fairly stinky. It's lethargic, boring, and devoid of any real creativity. The chorus tries to be more than it is with ballad like lyrics and instrumentals. The only audible thing is Beau's vocals. The rest of the band get chewed out. Better production could have saved this song, but the engineer decided to do a half assed job. 

Summary -
Perhaps blessthefall have finally run the course of their careers. The three songs released thus far are weak compared to some in their arsenal. The band has been around for nearly a decade, but their music hasn't made any drastic improvements. Slowly creeping up the quality ladder, BTF seem to have fallen off said ladder. The rest of the album may be a saving grace, but these tracks are a disappointment after their previous album. Choruses that are more like snooze fests, and cringe worthy production and mixing, there are far better choices out there. For fans of The Word Alive and older Of Mice and Men, it's going to take some getting used to before you can start enjoying these tracks. 

Rating -
"Up in Flames" - 6/10
"Walk on Water" - 7/10
"Dead Air" - 6.5/10