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March 4, 2017

While She Sleeps - "Silence Speaks feat. Oli Sykes" Single Review

As far as British metalcore goes, While She Sleeps are one of the rising stars to watch. 2 solid albums already under their belt, the band continues their road to the forefront of their field with their new single off their 3rd full length album, "You Are We". Throwing in Oli Sykes of Bring Me the Horizon doesn't hurt either. 

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The band's style of melodic metalcore has steadily progressed from good, to better, to great. This latest single from the band showcases everything right about their sound. Though rooted in metalcore, and at times hardcore punk, While She Sleeps understand the importance of drawing from multiple genres and styles. They don't limit themselves, but at the same time know that they need to maintain a level of familiarity with fans at the risk of alienating them. 

The way they've slowly began incorporating more and more aspects of alt. rock, electronic rock, and post hardcore is subtle enough, yet you can feel, more importantly hear, the impact. These brief moments, or detail, break up the monotony that metalcore brings to a song. The endless chugs and breakdowns are undercut by synthetic effects, or an barely audible orchestra. Neither are meant to be the main show, and they do their job to add that little something extra to otherwise standard metal. 

The heavy riffs and drum beats that fuel the song keep the song grounded in metalcore. The "lighter" moments bring more post rock and hardcore punk. The lightning fast pace barely gives the listener time to relax. The harmonized vocals are similar to how Saosin mixes unclean and clean vocals. The dual vocals between Sykes (who to the relief of many is screaming and not singing) and Loz Taylor is spot on. They both employ a similar hardcore punk scream style as opposed to the traditionally deeper metal scream. 

Lyrically the band have been taking pages from fellow British metal kings Architects (whom WSS had ties to). Their lyrics have always been very issue oriented, in the sense that they deal with many current issues. In this particular song, the band centered this song around the recent "Brexit". The song's subject matter is mature, and the band take a different enough tact to it that it's not just another loud defiant song. To read more on the story behind "Silence Speaks" go to the following article from Team Rock. 

Summary - 

Another solid song from an equally solid band. While She Sleeps continue to showcase their talents in the best light, giving listeners another incredible song that combines the best of everything. You get your basic metalcore, and then layered with post hardcore, electronic, and alt. rock. Plus the added benefit of Oli Sykes' vocals. That's always a definite way to get listeners, just ask You Me at Six

Rating - 8 to 8.5/10