Best of 2016 Playlist

August 22, 2015

Best of the Artist - blink-182

The first installment of our "Best of the Artist" series, today we will be counting down the 10 best songs from blink-182. A band who has a knack for crafting songs so infectious and catchy, you wonder if it's even possible for one song to be better than the others, blink-182 has been entertaining fans for over 20 years. We realize that everyone has their own opinion, so we're sorry in advance if we upset anyone by our choices. Feel free to leave comments, butthurt or otherwise. Click our "Top 10" page to view our honorable mentions.

10. Going Away to College

One of the less "in your face" songs from the "Enema of the State" album, it is not weaker in any sense. The opening guitar riffs build on themselves in a similar fashion to "What's My Age Again?", and "Feeling This". If some of blink's songs can at times seem a bit much, and you find yourself looking for a softer pop punk number, this is your song. 

9. Josie
The 4th and final single from "Dude Ranch", "Josie" is all about the singer pining for a girl. One of the standouts from their 2nd album, blink-182 provides the perfect companion for "Dammit". A tad slower in comparison to some of the band's other energetic songs, the drums would beg to differ as they never stop with snare beats almost 4 for 4 during the duration of the 3 minute song. The chorus "I know that everything... everything's gonna be fine" is about as infectious as hooks come. Josie makes her return in "Online Songs".

8. Carousel 
Possibly first song Mark and Tom ever wrote together, and a staple at performances since the band's beginning, "Carousel" was first recorded for "Buddha" in 1994, then re-recorded for their debut album "Cheshire Cat" in 1995. A punk rock track that is now a classic blink-182 song, as well as a crowd favorite. The band is always amazed at the fan reaction they get from performing this former demo. The epitome of early 90s pop punk, this song laid the base for blink to build upon.

7. Pathetic 
The opening track to the band's 2nd album, "Pathetic" features Mark and Tom singing in turns, perfectly accompanying each other. The main guitar riff is simple, catchy, and Raynor's drums are relentless (which is his general style on the album). Classic blink lyrics about not being able to live up to a girl's expectations, everyone can relate to this track, while at the same time enjoying the 2 minute track as well as the other songs on this list.

6. Feeling This
The lead single from the band's experimental "untitled" 5th album, this song stands out in the midst of the band's other pop punk tracks. The band maintains the pop punk vibe from previous albums, while branching out a bit, taking cues from other genres. The song opens with a soft drum intro before the verse's angsty lyrics grab your attention. The harmonies between Mark and Tom are the best the band have ever produced, and Barker's drumbeats are given a chance to shine. 

5. Rock Show
The lead single from "Take Your Pants Off and Jacket", the band's hooks and relatable lyrics make this one of the best songs in the band's arsenal. The hook "I fell in love with the girl at the rock show" was written about Mark's real life experiences when the band was young and playing small clubs. Though it may not seem like it, it is one of the "heavier" songs the band has produced. Not heavy in the typical sense, but the instrumentals lack the brighter production that their previous album had. 

4. What's My Age Again?
Accompanied by the most infamous music video from the band, this track keeps Mark Hoppus forever in the "man-child" category. An intro every fan strives to master on guitar, it is a less pop counterpart to "All the Small Things", and follows the now standard "quiet verse, loud chorus" template many pop punk bands do today. Immaturity has never looked so good, even on the likes of a naked blink-182. 

3. Dammit 
The first song every fan learns to play on guitar, this was the song that gave blink some widespread attention. Rock radio stations had it on replay for months, and for good reason. It's one of the catchiest songs the band has ever written, and it stays true to the punk roots of the pop punk genre. 

2. All the Small Things
If you're a child of the 90s or early 00s, then you know this song by heart. Every radio station was playing it non-stop, and MTV circulated the music video daily. An infectious, neigh addicting tune that will never get old no matter how many times you play it, this song gave blink-182 a one way ticket to mainstream celebrity. 

1. First Date
A must for pop punk fans, what this song lacks in charts and radio plays it make sup for in structure and lyrics. Obviously this song is all about one's first date, and we couldn't love it any more than the poor guy who is going on said first date with his dream girl. It is without the sweetness, and pop cliches that "All the Small Things" has, which makes it much more enjoyable. The guitar intro is just as simple and catchy as anything else the band has written, yet somehow stands out in the mix.