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June 18, 2016

twenty øne piløts - "Heathens" Single Review

What's better than a new song from twenty øne piløts? Using it in the highly anticipated "Suicide Squad" movie? Ya, that's pretty awesome. 

After the band released their first post-"Blurryface", DC announced the full track-listing for the film's soundtrack. And it's looking to be an interesting mix-mash of alt. rock, electronic rock, and rap. 

To buy the single on iTunes, and preorder the album click this (link).

Since the breakthrough success of tracks "Stressed Out", "Ride" and "Tear in My Heart", the band have been elevated to another level of success. So their new track, "Heathen" has a lot to live up to. It's clear TØP are getting sick of their own songs (Tyler Joseph poked fun at the band's hit single, "Stressed Out" recently). So they're mixing it up with this new track, "Heathen". A track that takes the band's unique brand of alt. rock, and adds some more sinister touches. 

Little needs to be said about Tyler Joseph's writing skills. He is in a league of his own, probably up their with songwriters like Oli Sykes and Jared Leto (who of course is bringing to life the Joker in the title film). Fusing passion, poetry, and a little bit of rap, he once again delivers a one-two punch song. All his friends are heathens, don't you know? 

Lyrics are comprised of metaphors, creepy and dark metaphors. At the end of the day, basically tell you not to assume people are bad. A theme that very much suits a film about anti-heroes and perceived nuts (i.e. Harley Quinn). The song is very much a part of the band's "Blurryface" era. Heavy electronics over a steady drum beat from Josh Dun and one of Tyler's softer piano lines. But this is the "eeriest" song from the band to date, and among the slowest in terms of tempo. 

Layered vocals from Joseph, some higher pitched version, and the eponymous Blurryface elevate what could have been a stale track. "Heathen" fits in with tracks like "Goner", "Fairly Local" and "Hometown". Very electronic with strong production. It has a certain "spooky" and almost "circus"-like quality to it. The background effects coupled with Joseph's vocal delivery make for a bone chilling experience (in a good way). 

Summary -
It suits the band, it suits the movie, everyone wins. twenty øne piløts deliver a song that deviates from their previous work enough to keep things interesting. But not so much that they lose any fans. We expect this song to be on everyone's playlist for months. Or until the radio kills this song like it killed "Stressed Out" and "Ride". 

Rating - 8.5 to 9/10