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June 11, 2016

blink-182 - "Rabbit Hole" Single Review

Last year was the year for modern pop punk, well this is the year for comeback pop punk. Simple Plan, Good Charolette, and, of course, blink-182. Now we're less than a month out from their new album, and we're more excited than ever. Hype couldn't be higher, especially since the release of the record's 2nd official single, "Rabbit Hole". 

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The band's previous single shows a more mature side to the band's classic pop punk sound. On the opposite side of the same coin, we're taken back in time to the late 90s, when blink were in top form. Writing cheesy, pop punk tunes everyone loved to hate. Well here's another one for you. 

"Rabbit Hole" could have been written during the band's heyday. It's built on the same power chord structures we're heard before, and has lyrics that are about as pop punk as eating pizza in boardshorts on the beach. It's a well timed song bursting with summer energy making it a sure radio hit. 

But the song's weakness is in that it's so familiar. The fact that it's such a throwback, is a bit sad. The band couldn't build on what they've already created, they had to copy and paste from what already existed. The song's power chord structure is beyond standard. The only thing that is different is the rhythm. 

The instrumentals are overlaid by lyrics that better suit the band's 20 year old selves. Not a group of guys all grown up with kids (at least in Mark and Travis' case). At some point we get tired of hearing the guys singing about being in stale relationships. This song can't even compete with the stuff off Neck Deep's latest album. 

The lyrics may be pretty juvenile, and the song may be standard pop punk, but it's nice to know blink-182 can still throw down with the best of the new generation. The band offer an easy listen as a 2nd single, definitely reminiscent of their cheesy hit "All the Small Things". So if you're looking for something that sounds like it was ripped right off their 1999 album, this song is it. 

Rating - 7 to 7.5/10