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June 24, 2016

Anarbor - "Freaking Out" Single Review

After a brief hiatus, Anarbor have returned. Their upcoming "Self-Titled" album is set for a July 29th release date! This comes after months of teasing new music. The album's lead single, "Freaking Out" dropped on June 20, almost a month before the album. 

The band have always been an underdog. Since the release of their 2013 album, "Burnout" it seemed the band had indeed burnt-out. They went on hiatus, and that seemed like the end of Anarbor. But fans saw a light at the end of the tunnel. The band began teasing new material as early as December 2015. 

The sophomore effort saw the band drifting slightly. Their garage rock, alt. rock sound was fused with more pop punk oriented choruses and riffs. The end result was something that is more accessible, but undeniably Anarbor. Now they're picking up right where they left off. Their self titled album's lead single is everything fans could ask for. 

"Freaking Out" showcases a more indie oriented sound, perhaps due to frontman Slade Echeverria's side project, WLFPCK. The entire album is self produced, and you can tell. There's less production on Echeverria's vocals, but still has the usual "grit" and twang fans have become accustomed to. The song would go over well with fans of Neck Deep or TransitThere's a thin line that separates the more pop-chorus and the harsher verses. Which allows the song to appeal to fans of pop punk, or 90s rock. 

The highlight of the song is without a doubt Echeverria's vocals. In the 3 or so years since the band's last album, his voice has matured even more. It's melodic and the overall delivery is suited for rock radio. A detail that is neither here nor there. It gives the song more appeal, but we still love his vocals from the "Free You Mind" era. 

Proving they've still got it. Anarbor remain one of those "underground" bands who never cease to amaze with their catchy tunes or grit. After taking a break, they have reemerged better than ever. This is a perfect summer track, and immediately recognizable as an Anarbor number. The gritty guitars, Slade Echeverria's smooth and yet soulful delivery, his deep bass lines, and the frenetic drum beat. Add in a catchy chorus and the typical Anarbor lyrics, you've got a hit. 

Rating - 8/10