Best of 2016 Playlist

June 23, 2016

Featured Band - Architects

Architects' 7th album, "All Our Gods Have Abandoned Us" was released on the 27th. The record's preceding singles definitely led us to believe this is going to be the band's best album. Which is saying something after 2014's "Lost Forever//Lost Together" flew past expectations. 

To get their album on iTunes, click this (link). And to read our reviews of singles "A Match Made in Heaven", "Gone With the Wind" click the respective links. And to read out full album review please click this (link). 

Though it's taken them a few years, Architects have finally hit their stride with their two most recent albums. Taking a cue from fellow UK metal alumni Bring Me the Horizon, they've moved away from their more rhythmic, heavy metal to a slightly more ambient style of metalcore. Rather than divert into mainstream music like many of their peers have, they blister on with some of their heaviest material yet. 

Working with Henrik Udd (who works under the watchful eye of legendary metal producer Fredrik Nordström) on both "Lost Forever..." and "All Our Gods...", the band pioneered a more "spacey" sound complete with electronics and orchestration. None of which has taken away from the quality of sound or the overall "heaviness" of the band. The band's intricate layers of guitar, bass, drums, and effects has elevated their music to another level. 

Udd's and Nordström's production style is very evident in their two most recent albums. Having worked with Bring Me the Horizon on their 3rd album, "There is a Hell...", and I Killed the Prom Queen's 2014 release "Beloved" the duo are accustomed to modern metalcore's ups and downs. As a veteran of metal himself (Nordström is the guitarist of Dream Evil) you can find subtle throwbacks to 90s and early 00s metal. Which is great for longtime fans, because you can tell the band haven't thrown away their roots. Something many bands do in favor of a more accepted sound (cough BMTH cough). 

Aside from the heavy instrumentals, Architects' lyrics also keep them firmly rooted in the world of metal and hardcore. Primary lyricist Tom Searle spent the band's early years writing more darker, harsher lyrics. One could call label them "dark comedy", as he did mix his sense of humor with violence. Thankfully Searle has, in recent yeras, shown his maturity. His lyrics today deal with political corruption, disillusion, and humanitarian themes. Coupled with their new ambient metalcore, gives Architects a unique style easily recognized. 

And the man behind the vocals? Sam Carter has become a well respected frontman in the metal circ. Opting for a more hardcore punk, Oli Sykes style of vocals, his voice is more than capable of shifting from deep growls to melodic screams. Another little known fact is that he can sing clean vocals. He rarely does so, but if one goes back to albums like "Daybreaker" or the controversial "The Here and Now" you can find songs which feature Carter's clean vocals. His signature "Bleh!" is another hallmark of Architects' sound. Cheesy? Yes, but we love it all the same. It's just a little detail that tickles listeners in the best ways. 

No matter what the reason, fans have rallied behind Architects in growing numbers. Architects have seen sold out shows at venues, and massive turnouts for festival appearances like at Germany's Rock im Park and Rock am Ring. A large portion of their success due to their dedication to producing the heaviest metalcore they can, in a music scene dominated by more rock oriented metal groups (Of Mice and Men, Memphis May Fire, and the obvious Bring Me the Horizon). Their two most recent albums, "Lost Forever..." and "All Our Gods" come highly recommended. 

Recommended tracks for new listeners include: "Gravedigger", "Naysayer", "C.A.N.C.E.R", "Black Blood", "Alpha Omega", "A Match Made in Heaven", "Downfall", and "Phantom Fear".