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June 5, 2016

A Day To Remember - "Bad Vibrations" Single Review

They said no new album this year. What dirty liars. A Day To Remember surprised everyone by announcing they would be releasing their 6th full length effort, "Bad Vibrations" this September. That plus a tour with blink-182? We couldn't really ask for more. 

To preorder their album on iTunes click this (link). And, of course, don't forget to catch them on tour this summer. It's bound to be a great show.

After premiering "Paranoia" back in March, and giving a stellar performance of said song at their very own Self Help Fest, A Day To Remember keep the hype going with the title track for their new record. This will also be the first album with Epitaph Records (though the album will only be distributed through E.R). With a roster made up of primarily post hardcore/metalcore bands, you know ADTR aren't going to give us another "What Separates Me From You". 

"Bad Vibrations" is even heavier than "Paranoia" if you can believe that. Where "Paranoia" fuses the band's upbeat choruses with more punk oriented riffs, "Bad Vibrations" embraces those hardcore influences with open arms. This is one of the first tracks we've heard from the band in recent years that DOESN'T feature clean vocals. Usually they sneak in a verse of bridge done in clean vocals. This time around, Jeremy McKinnon utilizes his gruff screams for the duration of the song. 

The band have taken a few cues straight from the playbooks of Beartooth, Vanna and Comeback Kid. ADTR moves closer to their earlier sound, circa "For Those Who Have Heart". There's a raw edge to their music, something that has resurged since the band's departure from Victory Records. It should come as no surprise, as the album was co-produced by Bill Stevenson of the band Descendants. California based punk royalty, this album sounds like it'll be on of the band's heaviest. 

However, as enjoyable the track is, it's pretty standard for a hardcore song. "Bad Vibrations" thrives on the guitar riffs, while the rest of the song is "safe". Especially for a band about to release their 6th full length, and have been honing their craft since 2003. 

A blistering 3:34 track that opens the album with a melodic hardcore number. A Day to Remember hit us with yet another barrage of hardcore pleasure. The song's twice as brutal as "Paranoia", and just as infectious. Though we must admit we're eager to hear something lighter from the band. A little pop punk would be nice. Or just something to break up the very chugged sound that's starting to form. "Bad Vibrations" is still a winner, hitting all the right notes for fans. But there are moments when listening to the song that you can't help but think, "they could have done so much better." 

Rating - 8/10