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June 1, 2016

SECRETS - "Waste Away" Single Review

Surprise! A month before SECRETS are set to hit the road for Warped Tour 2016, they release this unbelievable new track. That's right, only 6 months after the release of their 3rd album, "Everything That Got Us Here" SECRETS have surprised us all with this new track.

To buy the single on iTunes please click this (link). And of course make sure you catch them on Warped Tour this summer.

The song's electronic and surprising ambient opening recalls Hands Like Houses' "Colourblind". Wade Walters' voice cries out, "Hallelujah, I can set you free!", as powerful an opening line as any, before the intro kicks in. The dynamic sound transitions perfectly into a classic SECRETS' verse. Complete with rhythmic chugging underneath the harsher vocals, the band aren't stepping out of their comfort zone. But adding a lead guitar melody that brings a little something extra does help the song from falling flat. 

When asked about the song's meaning Walters' had this to say, "Waste Away is about a friend of mine who I watched struggle with drug addiction. I always tried to help him break free and overcome but every time I tried I only found myself being held back and dragged down with him. I think everyone has somebody in their lives like this, whether it be a drug, alcohol, or really any addiction, we all feel a need to help when we see someone we care about struggling and sometimes it can hold you back from being your best self.

So with that in that in mind, we move onto the chorus. Unlike their recent album, the band doesn't center vocals on one particular vocalist or the other. They find a harmony between the two, creating a great "back and forth" as it were. Something we only heard on a cuople of tracks from "Everything That...". The production mixes in some well timed effects into the song's bridge. Walters' vocals fade for a few seconds, before slamming back down. 

The post hardcore meets pop punk sound they crafted for album 3 is noticeably missing from "Waste Away". So for all those let down by the band's efforts on "Everything That..." you needn't worry anymore. They're more than capable of throwing down a heavy song. 
And for those of you who like the 3rd album, you don't have to worry either. "Waste Away" has a fun, catchy chorus that feels right at home with that of "Learn to Love" and "I'll Be Fine". Closest analog on "Everything That..." would be "Half Alive". 

Summary - 
While we speculated that Walters hadn't been brought in until after most of the writing process was completed, we're now 90% sure that was the case. Because on this track, the band are more cohesive and vocals are evenly matched. So while the band's 3rd album is accessible for mainstream music listeners, and admittedly catchy as hell, this track is one of the band's strongest tracks to date. And while the song is catchy, fun, and an instant hit, we do dock a few points for lack of originality. SECRETS have been writing since 2013, so expectations are running high. 
Recommended for fans of The Amity Affliction, Saosin, and Issues

Rating - 8 to 8.5/10