Best of 2016 Playlist

April 11, 2016

Music Video Monday - Panic! at the Disco

They've got some of the best videos. Always fun, quirky, and Brendon could definitely make it as an actor if he wanted to. Panic! at the Disco have done a lot of videos during their career. We've got 3 of our favorite right here for your viewing pleasure. 

To buy the band's latest album on iTunes, click this (link). And to read our review, click this (link). 

You know that when you strap in to watch a Panic! at the Disco video you're in for a treat. They always bring their A game for their videos. Whether it be a tribute to classic movies, "Ready to Go (Get Me Out of My Mind)", a flashback in the style of The Beatles, "Nine in the Afternoon", or a video game inspired story, "Hallelujah", it's always a pleasure watching Panic's videos.

Theatrical fun takes on new meaning with these three videos. From the band's debut video, "I Write Sins..." to their most dramatic effort in "Emperor's New Clothes", these videos are more like short movies. Telling brief, but captivating stories. Most the band's early videos were directed by Shane Drake, whose filmography includes Paramore, Fall Out Boy, and many more. 

Drake's early videos are easily recognizable. The almost "grainy" filters, and the very obvious story telling. He's not one for subtly. More often than not, a video will open on a pan. Whether it be of a setting, or of characters. In recent years he's gotten a bit more creative. But his videos from the early 00s are the best. 

Conclusion - Fun. Pure, unadulterated fun.