Best of 2016 Playlist

April 18, 2016

Music Video Monday - twenty one pilots

A band known for their unique style of music, and their live performances. We're going to take a moment to express our appreciation for their music videos. Below you'll find 3 of our favorite MVs from twenty one pilots

To see last week's Music Video Monday click this (link). And to buy T/P's latest album, "Blurryface" click this (link). If you would like to suggest future MVMs, leave a comment. 

twenty one pilots have always gone for music videos that are either extremely creative, simply fun to watch, or ones that wrack our brain as we try to figure out what the "deeper" meaning behind it is, assuming there is a deeper meaning. 

Take "Car Radio" for example. It starts off with Tyler Joseph sitting on a bathroom floor, where he stays for much of the first verse. All the while mourning over the loss of the eponymous "car radio". After a good deal of angst brooding, he finally gets up only to shave his head. The action proves to be some sort of therapeutic, and he then joins Josh Dun on stage. The rest of the video is footage from a live show in their hometown of Columbus, Ohio, at the LC Pavillion. 

So what's the take away from the video? That you should shave your head if you're having a bad day? Not exactly. Everyone deals with bad days in different ways. But we all come out of the experience as a better person. Ya, a long way to go to make such an obvious point. But that's T/P. 

Conclusion - Don't shave your head if someone steals your car's radio. Just listen to some twenty one pilots. It's equally cathartic