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January 19, 2016

Panic! at the Disco - "Death of a Bachelor" Review

The wait is over, Panic! at the Disco's 5th album has arrived! Best Friday of the new year so far? Perhaps. For fans old and new, this album has been shaping up to be something big. And considering how big Panic! can go, that's saying something. Two singles, three promotional singles, three music videos and one tribute to the man himself later the full length album has graced our presence. And in true P!atD fashion, it'll keep fans guessing.

We encourage you to buy the album on iTunes by clicking this (link). And don't forget pre-order tickets to their headlining tour with Weezer, which kicks off this summer!

It's been fairly obvious for the past few years now, but for those uninformed, or just blind, Brendon Urie is running a one man show. With the departure of Spencer Smith and Dallon Weekes, Urie has become the sole core member, and only remaining original member. With full creative control, this album serves more as his debut than anything else.

Of the album, Urie has said he strived to create something that was a mix of Frank Sinatra and Freddie Mercury, two of his role model musicians. Well nice try Urie, but this sounds nothing like Sinatra, and you're NOT a modern day Freddie Mercury. Overall, this record seems to be Urie trying to one-up the legends he looks up to. And in some cases it works. But when it doesn't, it really doesn't work. 

In fact the album itself is entirely built of "filler songs". There's nothing exceptional about them. Each sounds like a pale version of "Victorious" or "Ready to Go" from the band's 3rd album "Vices & Virtues". So, in short, electronic rock + P!atD brand alt. rock + the 60s + a LOT of production = "Death of a Bachelor". 

"Crazy = Genius" is one of the better fusions of the old and the new. The mixture of swing and Panic's brand of alt. rock makes for an interesting listen. Sure, it's not breaking grounds by any means, but that doesn't mean it's not worth putting an ear to. It's one hell of a great dance track. The song has plenty of personality, like Urie, and the chorus is spot on. So clear your schedule and find someone to dance with. 

Nothing further needs to be said about the record's two lead singles, they speak for themselves. They are, without a doubt, the only pure P!atD tracks, free of Urie's plan to write something that was a combination of Sinatra and Queen. "Hallelujah" is a gospel influenced alt. rock, pop track that recalls the band's "A Fever..." days. While "Victorious" is, in a way, a modern day version of "But It's Better If You Do". All the quirks of Panic!, but with synths, loud production and a mainstream gloss. To read reviews of the other singles ("Emperor's New Clothes", "L.A Devotee" and the "title track") click the respective links. 

The album's closer, "Impossible Year" sounds as if snatched straight from the 60s. But that's the only positive it has to offer. The instrumental aspects of the song are strong, but then you get to Urie's vocals. His attempt to sing like Sinatra is cringe worthy. Rather than stay true to himself, Urie gives a vocal performance that sounds like a bad cover of something from yester-year. You're not some sort of Mercury-Sinatra hybrid for the next generation. The effort is appreciated, but Urie, you should just stick to being Brendon fucking Urie. 

Summary -

The album's a guaranteed fan favorite, finding a balance between the band's baroque roots and Brendon Urie's ambitious tastes. Negative; the album is less P!atD, more "The Brendon Urie Show", and there are few standout tracks other than the singles. But the positives come in the form of the catchy, easy-to-listen-to songs, and, in its simplest form, fun album. If you can wrap your mind around the concept of Brendon Urie piloting this one man show and singing pop-rock songs, then you'll love this. If not, try Fall Out Boy, "American Psycho" edition. Welcome to "Urie at the Disco" everyone. 

Favorite Tracks -

Naturally "Hallelujah" and "Victorious", but also "House of Memories" and "Crazy = Genius" 

Rating - 7.5/10