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April 11, 2016

Saosin - "Racing Toward A Red Light" Single Review

Saosin's album "Along the Shadow" is quickly approaching its release date of May 20, 2016. With just about a month to go, they've unveiled the album's next single, "Racing Toward A Red Light". It definitely makes us even more anxious for the album's full release. Saosin are back and better than ever. 

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Right out of the gate, the song hits us with a charging combination of fast paced drums, and another stellar guitar riff from Beau Burchell. This is an aggressive, in your face track. In fact the band have stated this is one of the most aggressive tracks from the album. So we're eager to hear what the most aggressive song is. 

And though the song is on the heavier side, they still find the perfect balance between their hardcore influences, and their dynamic. Which has only gotten stronger since the return of Anthony Green and Alex Rodriguez. Two pieces of the band that were gone for far too long. 

The song has the same structure as previous single, "The Silver String". It starts out with a heavier verse, before moving into the more melodic chorus. A recipe for success sure, but we hope the band aren't going to rely on this pattern for the entire album. Even if it sounds great.  

Still, we have to give a second to just say this song structure is superb. Everything flows perfectly, from the gritty verses to the catchy choruses. Green is bringing in some of the techniques he mastered while in Circa Survive. As noteworthy his work with Circa Survive has been, we get to hear something from Green here with Saosin we haven't heard with Circa Survive. True passion and emotion.

Thus far, the choruses of the band's songs have been the high points for Green's performances. During said chorus, Anthony Green's vocals are layered on each other, clean over unclean. Again, it is the driving force behind the song's power and presence. Until these two singles came out, we'd forgotten just how much we missed Anthony's unclean vocals. Now we can't get enough of them.

For all those who have been patiently waiting for the band to revert to their 2003 EP lineup, we are happy to announce the wait is over. A song that maintains the hype the first single brought to fans. Green's back, and ready to remind everyone why he'll always be the best vocalist for Saosin. In his performance, it's as if all his pent emotions are being released. In tandem with the song's chaotic instrumentals, it makes for an intense experience. 

Rating - 8.5 to 9/10