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April 25, 2016

Music Video Monday - In This Moment

In recent years there have been many horror inspired metal bands. Aside from obvious choices like Marilyn Manson and Motionless in White, there are a growing number of female fronted metal bands taking cues from their male counterparts. This week, we'll be taking a look at a few of In This Moment's videos for our Music Video Monday

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**Before we start, we're sorry to say the videos were too large to upload. So we've provided links to Youtube so you can view them. Again, sorry. Most of In This Moment's videos are 5 minutes long** 

In comparison to other bands of similar genres or styles (*cough New Years Day cough*) In This Moment have more experience under their belts. Since the band's debut in 2007, their videos have reached higher and higher levels of production. You can tell these aren't just some quick one day shoots. The band really take the time to make their videos an experience for the viewer. 

Recent videos have featured frontwoman Maria Brink as a director, or co-director. And we have to say, if she ever decides to do a full blown horror movie we'd pay to see it. Working alongside Robert John Key (who directed all the band's videos for "Blood"), the pair collaborated for "Sick Like Me" and "Big Bad Wolf". 
Both have similar opening scenes. Shots vary between performers, and the band. We'll just examine one video to save time. 

In "Big Bad Wolf", it takes a good 30 seconds or so for the actual song to start. Prior, you get the aforementioned cutaway shots. Back and forth from Brink to the other performers, in varying stages of naked. Once the song starts, scenes are cut together in an increasingly "sporadic" way. The fast flickering lights add to the sense of paranoia and fear. You get glimpses of things (bodies thrashing, or black smeared hands extended towards the camera). 

These are all pretty standard techniques for "horror" themed music videos. But there's just something about the way ITM are doing it that makes it different. Perhaps its the choreography or the staging, or Brink's captivating performances, we can't say for certain. But bottom line, it's always a pleasure watching an In This Moment video. 

Conclusion - Scary never looked so sexy 

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