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October 25, 2015

The 1975 - "Love Me" Single Review

Our favorite English indie boys have returned with the first single off their highly anticipated sophomore album, "I Like It When You Sleep, For You Are So Beautiful Yet So Unaware of It" (oh god that's a mouthful). They seemed to become an overnight sensation with "Chocolate", and later "Sex" and "Girls". The lead single for their 2nd album, "Love Me", made its debut on BBC radio with Annie Mac. Sorry this review took so long, but better late than never. Click this (link) to buy the song on iTunes, and don't forget to preorder their album. 

The 80s called, they want their music back. If you were to have someone listen to the opening of this song, and didn't tell them it was from the 1975, they'd probably think it was from a retro video games. It has all the traits of a 1975 song, but then they throw in some 80s throwbacks. Their music was already reminiscent of 80s synthpop, but this song is a complete headfirst dive into the genre. It's like they used a time machine, and dug up a long lost Pet Shop Boys (yes that's a real band from the 80s) demo. 

And on that note, if you're a David Bowie fan, we recommend you grab this song. The nostaglic feel, coupled with the band's signature is pure chart topping gold. The only thing better is the tricked out guitar solo. Whatever effects they used gave birth to a brilliant sound. The band isn't known for their technical skill (rather their frontman and the indie-electronic hooks). This new song earns them a well deserved pat on the back, branching out from their typically power chord fueled riffs. 

Overall the song's sound isn't too far off from their debut. The most notable shift is the increased electronic's and synths. They command the listener's attention during verses, and then let the other instruments handle the choruses and bridge. Matty's always charming voice is paired with some "funky" hooks and squeals. You won't hear another song like this on the radio. The intro is just as infectious as the Mario theme song. The high pitched squeals are kinda annoying, but after the first three or four listens they just become another part of the song. 

Summary -
While it may not be another "Chocolate" or "Girls", this is still a solid track. It does the job to returning the band to the top of the charts, and renewing interest. Their highly anticipated sophomore album is set for a February release date, so we've still got a bit of a wait ahead of us. But the band is bound to drop another single sometime before then, so you have that to look forward to. Fans of Panic! at the Disco and echosmith should be required to give this track a listen. Seriously, if you'e into one of, or both of those bands and don't like this song, please enlighten us. 

Rating - 8/10