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October 31, 2015

Top 10 Overrated Bands

!READ AT YOUR OWN RISK!, we're about to piss a lot of people off. There are millions of bands in the world, but very few able to achieve mainstream success. Some have cult followings, others have localized fame. Then some become worldwide phenomena. And there are a good number whose fame and recognition aren't earned through hard work. These are our picks for the most overrated bands.

We're sticking to bands who are active today, so no hiatus bands. We're excluding "pop stars" (i.e One Direction, Taylor Swift, etc) as that's another list entirely. If you think we forgot a band, comment and let us know. We're sorry if we make anyone butthurt. Top 10s tend to do that to people. Click our Top 10 / Quicks Page to read more lists like this one. 

Of Mice and Men  

The rising stars of the modern nu metal? That's what some people say. If you ask others, Of Mice and Men are just another metal band whose music is as directionless as it is successful. While their 2nd album "The Flood" is a modern metalcore must-have, their most recent album is quite forgettable. Some songs rise above others, but the album as a whole shouldn't be given the time of day. Nu-metal mixed with other metal offshoot genres, it doesn't sound like the OM&M fans originally fell in love with. Austin Carlile gives angry screams, and Aaron Pauley provides listeners with a dismal clean vocal display. Sure there are a bunch of happy fangirls out there, but there's also a large portion of former fans who aren't at all amused by the band's recent musical endeavors. "Would You Still Be There", "You're Not Alone" and "Feels Like Forever" are each indicators of the band's descent into a more mainstream metal genre. But 2016 will likely hold a new album, so here's to hoping the band shy away from writing more wannabe Linkin Park tracks. 

9. Coldplay 

British rockstars who have about as big an ego as they do album sales. There's no question, Coldplay has talent, and some great songs under their belts. However, upon closer inspection, the bulk of their music isn't that noteworthy. Most of their success is a result of the success of fellow Brit-rock bands Radiohead and Pink Floyd, both overrated bands in their own right. Coldplay on the other hand stick to their brand of Brit-pop rock for all of their albums. All 6, soon to be 7, albums are full of overproduced pop ballads that just get worse with time. We will admit that "Viva la Vida" is our kryptonite, and one of the band's better songs. Unfortunately the majority of CP songs don't meet the standard set by "Viva". Frontman Chris Martin has an ego that is only matched by Kanye West (who we purposely excluded from this list because he's so damn infuriating). Dude thinks he's a younger Bono, and we hate to burst his bubble, but Chris Martin, you are not Bono.

8. Memphis May Fire  

Give far too much praise for albums that barely crack an 8/10, Memphis May Fire have ridden the wave of metalcore started by bands like Bring Me The Horizon, Asking Alexandria, and Bullet for My Valentine. And while MMF are definitely better than the latter of those three, they aren't that worth much. Their best album, "Challenger" is pretty much just generic metalcore, but is mixed with some of MMF's southern metal taste and Matty Mullin's attention grabbing vocals. That's what makes it great. Their most recent album, "Unconditional" took everything that "Challenger" did right and traded it in for something more along the lines of mainstream rock. While the more theatrical MMF has given us some great songs, "No Ordinary Love", "Sleepless Nights" and "Pharisees", the rest is just as generic as the previous album. But they throw in all kinds of overused aspects, and fall victim to Risecore. A new album may be on the horizon for 2016, and recent songs like "My Generation" give us hope that their music will take a positive turn. Fingers crossed. 

7. Green Day   

Revivalists of punk rock in the 90s, they are not the kings of punk rock. Green Day merely brought it to the attention of the masses again. Their "punk rock" style is more along the lines of "pop meets garage rock meets pop punk meets mainstream rock". So in short, it's not that great. "Dookie" and "American Idiot" are both stellar albums, but the mark they leave is often exaggerated. "Dookie" has become the soundtrack to the 90s, but it's not the best album of the decade, nor of punk rock. Everyone who says the band are sellouts for going with major labels and playing MTV "award" shows, we understand your reasoning. There's a place for their music, but unfortunately that place is 1995 in the bedroom's of angst ridden teenagers. The amount of praise the band gets today is not deserved, especially since their most recent albums have been nothing but generic mainstream rock power songs. A seriously step down from songs like "When I Come Around" and "She". Today, it's like they're trying too hard to be taken seriously as a punk band. 

6. Nirvana 

The kings of grunge rock, and the possible the most iconic band of the 90s have a loyal following. But media portrayals, branding and franchising, not to mention Courtney Love's estranged relation with Dave Grohl and her own daughter, Frances, make this band more of a tabloid exposé than anything else. A large portion of today's teens know nothing other than that they're that band with flannels, and the frontman who killed himself. Today clothing companies galore slap the NIRVANA logo and smiley on all manner of merchandise. The band have become more of a fashion statement for teenage girls than a band. And we're willing to bet that none of them have even bothered to listen to a single album, or something other than "Smells Like Teen Spirit". The legacy they left is blow out of proportion, and makes the band out to be more than they are. Which simply put is a good alt. rock band from Seattle. Nothing more, nothing less. Kurt Cobain is NOT the John Lennon of the 90s. 

5. Issues   

Like the name implies, this band has some serious issues. As is the case with Of Mice and Men, this Rise Records signee burst onto the scene with a unique blend of pop and nu-metal. But do they deserve all the praise they've earned? Not really. Their combination of breakdowns and boy-band like vocals isn't anything new, nor is it particularly pleasant. Their debut EP, "Black Diamonds" does have standout track, "King Of Amarillo" and offers a glimmer of hope that the band can progress into something exceptional. Off their debut, self-titled LP, "Stingray Affliction" is one of the best songs of 2014. But the majority of the album doesn't feel cohesive, and was clearly rushed to meet its release date. It's obvious Tyler Carter wants to break into mainstream music. His solo EP is a desperate attempt for people to take him seriously as an R&B/pop singer. That, and his cover of Paramore's "Ain't It Fun", which feels more like a cover you'd hear on a singing competition. His voice is soulful and strong, but doesn't offer much of anything besides those ovary shaking high notes and over produced ballads. If the band stopped trying so hard, then maybe their sound wouldn't feel so much like boy-band pop meets Miss May I.

4. Sleeping with Sirens  

Where to begin...? They get widespread media coverage, are on the cover of all the alt. rock magazines at least once a year, and have a fanbase that mostly consists of Kellin Quinn fangirls. Do we need to go any further? Their music has never been stellar, but these last two albums have been real train-wrecks. Crossover attempts that failed to say the least. Their 4th album, "Madness", tries to be something for everyone. Pop, acoustic, alt. rock, pop punk, and post hardcore all try to lay claim to the album. None of which are successful. The band's purpose and efforts are pointed in the same direction, but the execution has landed them in the gutter. Their only truly unique and noteworthy album "Let's Cheers to This" will turn 5 next May, and their debut hit 5 this past March. Meanwhile SWS stray further and further from their hardcore beginnings in favor of something that will draw in more fangirls, and more sales.

3. Black Veil Brides  

Like SWS, this band's success is all a result of Andy Biersack's appeal to fangirls, and wannabe metalheads. The band themselves are wannabe metalheads. Albums that sound like covers of 80s glam metal, they have built a reputation around Andy Biersack's bad boy image and their throwback style. Clad in leather and eye makeup, we weep for those unlucky boyfriends, girlfriends, and parents forced to tag along to this band's concerts. BVB's "take" on glam metal is more like bad covers of what's already been done. The band is talented, evident in their least offensive album "Wretched and Divine: The Story of the Wild Ones", but their talents are squandered on producing songs that belong on 80s rock radio stations. 

2. Maroon 5  

The kings of overrated frontmen, Adam Levine has spearheaded the new wave of lead singers who think they're something of a musical god. We really don't need to say anything else. Everyone knows how bad Maroon 5 are. With more pop songs that are overplayed, overrated, and over the top than most bands on this list, M5 have quite the shitty reputation. They sell out arenas, and draw crowds but for what? So teenage girls everywhere can ogle the band's far too cocky lead singer? Commercialism at its finest. 

1. Fall Out Boy  

Alongside My Chemical Romance, Panic! at the Disco, and Paramore, Fall Out Boy are responsible for the wave of emo in the mid 00s. But their current sound is nothing like their first 3 albums. Alt. rock, emo, pop punk goodness for those die hard fans has slowly but surely transitioned into mainstream rock anthems. Their latest album buries everything but vocals and sampling. Don't even get us started on the re-release/remix album that takes the band's already mediocre songs and adds rapping. FOB's signature sound is still there, but hidden deep amidst all the radio rock and arena ballads. What we would give for another "Dance Dance" or "Sugar We're Going Down". We know, everything has a time and a place. But can anyone justify the band's remixed edition of "American Beauty/American Psycho"?