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October 24, 2015

ICE NINE KILLS - "Communion of the Cursed" Single Review

Halloween is a week away, and ICE NINE KILLS have delivered the best treat in the form of their new single "Communion of the Cursed". Accompanied by a music video that pays homage to one of the best horror movies ever, the song's already creepy atmosphere is enhanced ten fold. It's sure to give your spine a few chills. Don't forget to pre-order their upcoming album "Every Trick in the Book", and go get previous single "Bloodbath & Beyond" by clicking this (link). 

We could spend an entire post just raving about the music video, but we won't. In twenty words or less, it's a high quality narrative, as well as the band's take on the classic horror film The Exorcist. So it's a must watch. Along side Panic! at the Disco's new video for "Emperor's New Clothes" (which we also reviewed here), they are two of the finest music videos released this year. 

Frontman and primary lyricist Spencer Charnas' songwriting skills never cease to amaze us. The song's lyrics, like most in this album, are nods to the book which the film was based on. If you didn't already pick up on all the Exorcist references (Regan's name is even mentioned in the bridge), well now you know. And we though "Bloodbath..." was dramatic, this song ramps the theatrics through the roof. 

The song's brutal transitions from clean to unclean vocals are responsible for a large portion of the song's success. The high contrast between Charnas' melodic voice, and his and Justin "J.D" deBlieck's screams give the song an unforgettable atmosphere. The intro slowly builds until J.D's screams can be heard, leading into Charnas' intro. Everything that follows is just icing on the bloody cake. Again, the contrast the band is known for is at its peak here. The harmonies in the choruses are paired with brutal verses, and intense instrumentals. And then the song fades away just as quietly as it started. A round of applause for our boys in INK

Summary -
We expect this to be playing at haunted houses everywhere this year. Or at last at the houses of fans. ICE NINE KILLS is clearly following New Years Day down the deep, dark rabbit hole that leads to a land of gore and axe swinging psychopaths. We're strapped in and ready for anything else they might throw our way. If you're looking for the perfect Halloween track, then look no further than INK's newest single. It has all the makings of a great metalcore song, intense breakdowns and screams, and all ups and downs of a great horror movie. Which sounds weird, but if you listen to the song you'll understand.  

Rating - 9/10