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October 4, 2015

Get Scared - "Suffer" Single Review

"31 Days of Get Scared" entered Day 2 on this past Friday, and with it came the next single off the band's upcoming 3rd album,"Demons". Continuing their descent into the dark recesses that most of us avoid, "Suffer"  The band will be on the Other Side Tour later this month, so definitely check them out! You won't be disappointed. Click this (link) to buy the album on iTunes. 

With about 3 weeks until their album drops, we're treated to a head banging new single that is less metal, and more hardcore punk. Which is unexpected and welcomed with open arms. The driving guitar riff and fast drums keep the song going at full speed until the bridge brings everything to a slower point. But the energy doesn't wane, the tempo merely shifts for a brief ten or so second period. 

Almost every second of this song is pure hardcore goodness. Where the band's first single flows in true metal fashion, this one is more melodic and doesn't have the predictable breakdowns. That's not to say there aren't breakdowns, but they are the central focus here. The vocals are given time to shine, both clean and unclean. Which is great since prior we hadn't been exposed to much of Nick's unclean vocals. 

An eerie opening leads the listener into a smooth intro. But when it comes time for the verse, things get rough. Nick's unclean vocals are spot on, a talent he must have been hiding. That coupled with Erik Ron's production makes this song a hit on so many levels. The chorus demands that someone feel the same pain the writer has felt. Lyrics are sure to be chanted at top volume during live shows. The opening line in the verse in particular is great, "Put me down, just medicate me blind. Or you can take my wounds, and pour some salt inside". 

Summary -
Fans won't be disappointed by Get Scared's latest single. The song is dark and gothic, but can still appeal to fans of other forms of hardcore music. Similar to some of Set It Off's older music when the song goes clean, the band has given their music a new depth. It's amazing to watch this band grow, because they have only gotten better as time goes by. So if you're not acquainted with the boys in GS, and you're already a fan of ICE NINE KILLS or Famous Last Words, we recommend you stop whatever it is you're doing and give this song a listen. 

Rating - 9/10