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August 31, 2015

Quick Picks - Bands or Lineups We Wish Would Reunite

All good things must come to an end, but fans can still hope that their favorite bands or lineups will get back together. Today we countdown our picks for the bands fans wish would reunite, or go back to a previous lineup. We aren't saying these bands are better or worse because of lineup changes, but we understand why people have made certain arguments. We understand that everyone has their own opinion, so we're sorry if anyone gets butthurt. Click our Top 10 page to view our honorable mentions. 

7. Paramore (with the Farro bros) *2016 addition (with Jeremy Davis) 

Some have made the argument that without these brothers, Paramore made one of the worst albums of 2013. Fans and critics would beg to differ, as their band's self titled 4th album has become the stepping stone for their further mainstream success. "Ain't It Fun" has become a daily tune on radio stations everywhere, and prior "Still into You" was everyone's jam. Still, the experimental sounds deviated from the band's alt. rock, pop punk roots, and did cost them a fair amount of fans. *2016 addition - We want Jeremy back, simple as that. 

6. Sleeping with Sirens (with Jesse Lawson and/or Brandon McMaster)

The two rhythm guitarists from the "before time", both left to pursue other careers in music. Since leaving, Jesse has released his debut solo album, and Brandon has formed new band Out of Hand. While we're more than happy for the guys and their endeavors, we still wish that one of them would rejoin the band. Brandon's new group sounds a lot like older SWS, especially regarding their use of electronics and unclean vocals. Jesse on the other hand has turned to a mainstream rock sound. 

5. Hey Monday  

Technically they aren't broken up, but with Cassadee Pope's solo career and years passing, the odds of this band reuniting are slowly decreasing. An emo, pop punk band not unlike Tonight Alive or Paramore, they released 3 EPs, and 1 studio album before calling it quits (or hiatus in this case). While fans wish Cassadee the best for her solo career, we can't help but agree with them. We want Hey Monday back, and the country Cassadee gone. 

4. Woe Is Me  

A somewhat appropriate title seeing as fans were beside themselves when this metalcore outlet called it quits. It's hard to say which lineup we'd like to see again, as the band was never able to keep a member for the duration of their run. In the end, the band split in 2013 after a 4 year run, and 2 studio albums. Leaving fans to wonder what could have been. Though Issues has answered that question in some aspects, fronted by former Woe Is Me vocalists Michael Bohn and Tyler Carter. 

3. Of Mice and Men (with Shayley Bourget)  

Before they went nu metal for their most recent album, OM&M were a metalcore band that put a growing emphasis on clean vocals in harmony with unclean vocals, and technical prowess. After Shayley's departure in 2012, the band was left with an empty spot for their clean vocalist, as well as their bassist. And while Aaron Pauley has proved to be a worthy successor, Shayley was one of a kind. What he brought to the band's sound, melodic singing and a lighter tough to otherwise standard metalcore breakdowns, hasn't been replicated. 

2. blink-182 (with Tom)  

2015 started off on a sad note when fans learned that Tom had been, in a word, sacked from blink-182. So now, with only Mark and Travis, it seems like it's +44 and Angels & Airwaves all over again. But now Matt from Alkaline Trio joined the band, and things are looking up for everyone's favorite pop punk band. But without Tom, things are sure to be different. The band's "Dogs Eating Dogs" EP showed promise, and was everything that the band's 6th album wasn't. Unfortunately any and all chances of a 7th album with the classic lineup have been shattered as Tom moves forward with his multiple projects, and Mark, Tom and Matt take blink into a new year, possibly with new music on the horizon.  

1. My Chemical Romance   

The obsession of fangirls everywhere, the world still seems to be recovering from this breakup. 2 years later, fans everywhere are secretly praying that the band will reunite for another album. But as each member moves onto their respective side and solo projects, it's become clear that MCR aren't going to reunite anytime soon. But our fingers are still crossed we'll get "The Black Parade 2.0" in the future.