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August 26, 2015

Bring Me The Horizon - "True Friends" Single Review

Less than a month until Bring Me The Horizon releases their new album, and another single has been released. The 3rd single from the highly anticipated album, and it further distances the band from their metalcore roots. Unfortunately, not in the same way as previous songs have. To pre-order the album click this (link). 

The opening is even more off-putting than the "Happy Song'" cheerleaders. An acoustic, folk, poppy intro that is made even more unbearable with Oli's gritty voice, it's like something from a bad nightmare for fans. Some fans can deal with BMTH trying out some new sounds, but the band has strayed a bit too far from the source material. The line "True friends stab you in the front" is delivered awkwardly, and is in no way catchy or interesting. Maybe after a few listens you'll find yourself belting out the line, but initially listeners may be turned off. 

That aside, the rest of the song is much better than the chorus and intro would lead you to believe. Driving verses hold the band's edge, and some of Sykes' unclean vocals, which is a nice touch. This song is a mix of "Throne" and "Happy Song", containing BMTH's new electronic, atmospheric edge, and a strong mainstream rock presence. But the song shouldn't have been released as a single, because it does not make one want to buy their new album, especially if you're a fan of their previous work. 

The main problem is that damn chorus, and the uncomfortable delivery on Sykes' part. This is the first time in a long time that he's ever botched up a song by vocals alone. Bluntly put, his voice just isn't suited for the mellower pop rock sound the band seems to have been going for. 

Not as good as "Throne" or "Happy Song", this new BMTH track comes off as forced, and far too "pop" for the band. Not once does the band retain any of their previous sounds, opting for a pop, alt. rock vibe that doesn't suit them. As they try to branch out, this track comes off as a bad crossover, like Fall Out Boy did a collab with BMTH. Lyrically the number is just as strong as anything else Sykes' has written, but the delivery of the chorus is lacking. The edge found in the verses and bridges is not transferred into the chorus, which leads the song to fall short of its predecessors . 

Rating -