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August 16, 2015

Featured Post - We Came as Romans

This month's featured band is We Came as Romans. If you haven't already checkout out their new self titled album, we recommend you do before reading this post, as we will be discussing it. Feel free to leave comments, tell us why you love or hate this band. And leave suggestions for future featured bands, and reviews!

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This band's debut turned 5 last year. Hard to believe right? "To Plant a Seed" was released November 3, 2009, and brought another electronic metal hybrid band to attention. At the time of the release, there were only a handful of really successful electronicore bands, Attack Attack, Abandon All Ships, and Breath Carolina to name a few. WCAR's debut became an instant hit among fans, and helped them reach success.

Over the next few years, the band would slowly progress from electronicore into a more hard rock meets metalcore meets electronic meets alt. rock sound (if that makes any sense). They latest album is a culmination of everything the band has put forth so far, as well as the new direction they wanted to steer their music in. 

As many metalcore and post hardcore bands are, the band went with a more radio friendly sound for this release. And as with many other bands, fans instantly turned against the band's new direction. It's a shame, because the band isn't that different. The only thing that's changed is are the instrumentals. They still use the same low tuned guitars, melodic breakdowns, and unique electronics. They may have "lightened" their sound a bit, but if they didn't do something different then their music wouldn't be as good as it is.

Think about it, if every "core" band out there did the same stuff every album, that's be pretty boring wouldn't it? WCAR started out by helping to shape the "electronicore" genre into what it is today. Their approach leans more on the metalcore side of the genre than say I See Stars, the previously mentioned Attack Attack, or Crossfaith. Now they're moving into an post hardcore, electronic, alt. rock hybrid. Which isn't as bad as it may sound. 

Lyrically the band is at their peak in their more recent efforts. The songs don't meld together as some had on their debut, or sophomore release. Each one is capable of carrying itself. And songs like "Never Let Me Go", "Present, Future, and Past" and "Tear It Down" lessen the electronic presence, while still retaining the band's signature. Sure band isn't perfect, and at times their music can come off as forced, but when they shine they really shine. 

It's sad to see so many fans turn against bands due to sound changes. Of Mice and Men, Bring Me The Horizon, and Sleeping with Sirens are just a few of the bands who have, of late, drastically altered their music. WCAR has now joined the club. Each group has incorporated mainstream rock into their music in some way or another to varying degrees. 

WCAR and BMTH have taken similar routes. Both bands have been slowly adding more and more diverse sounds to each album over the past few years. OM&M have done their shift a bit subtler. Their transition into a nu metal, metalcore fusion sound seemed natural for the band. As for SWS, well they did their shift rather bluntly. There's little to no resemblance between their first two albums and their most recent, except in Kellin's vocals. 

No matter what you think, or how you look at it, bands are subject to as much change as anyone else is. Opinions change, views change, life isn't set in stone. So before you judge a band's new sound, give it a chance. You may find you love it, or hate it. You owe it to an artist to at least go in with an open mind.