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July 3, 2015

SECRETS - "Renditions" Review

This is one band that keeps getting better with time. As a Rise/Velocity Records signee, SECRETS was bound to put out an acoustic EP sooner or later. After releasing the deluxe edition of their sophomore album, "Fragile Figures" in 2014, fans got pumped for new material. And it was delivered in the form of "Renditions". 
    **The band is currently working on their upcoming 3rd album.** 

The record company is clearly trying to duplicate the success they had with former signee, Sleeping with Sirens, 2012 EP, "If You Were A Movie, This Would Be Your Soundtrack". While this EP didn't break ground in terms of sales or charts, it's certainly one to listen to. This EP was produced by Beau Burchell, the backing vocalist and rhythm guitarist for Saosin. Amidst all the Rise-core, SECRETS manages to produce an album that will stun fans of their normally heavy sound, and prove they're more than just another hardcore band. 

The band strips away everything but the guitars and percussion for this release. Richard Rogers provides incredible vocals to their already amazing songs. Acoustic versions of "Forever and Never", "Fragile Figures", and "Dance of the Dead" will please fans, and open the band to new fans. This isn't some experimental endeavor, this is a raw representation of the band. The simplicity is what really makes these 4 tracks shine. Some bands will over produce songs, and forget that sometimes less is more. In this case, the band did the bare minimum, and it paid off quite well. 

The only new track, "What's Left of Us" is a ballad that fans won't soon forget. Rogers' singing is at its peak here, and the more orchestral feel gives the song a certain "airiness" about it. Maybe that's what makes it great. The band is trying out something different, but without stretching too far from their sound. The vocals only add to the feelings one gets from the souful lyrics. Rogers' may come off a little "Kellin Quinn esc" at times, but that's a minor blip, if a blip at all. 

Here is a sample from the opening verse from the lead single.
       "This isn't how it's supposed to be. This isn't how we're supposed to treat each other. Remember when we only had love, for one another. Now it's gone

Summary - 
A standout in the mix of bands trying to shake things up by putting out acoustic EPs. That's not to say the others are bad, but you shouldn't pass over this release. If you're looking for a change of pace, then go grab this EP from SECRETS. And while you're at it, go listen to their 2nd album, because the original versions of these songs are just as powerful and well written. 

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