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July 10, 2015

Featured Post - Pierce the Veil

The first post in this series, where I cover the featured band of the month. Talking about lyrics, live shows, and overall likability are just a few things I want to do in this series. Featured band photo is posted on Sunday night, and the featured post on Fridays!

 In this flagship post I'll be writing about San Diego's very own Pierce the Veil. A band that has had ups, downs, highs and lows a plenty. But now they're back with a new single, and an upcoming album, ready to rock fans to their core! If you have a suggestion for a featured band, please comment or email me at 

We covered Pierce the Veil's latest single "The Divine Zero" about a month ago. This is the first single from the band since their 2012 album "Collide with the Sky". And for me, it was a bit of a let down. The song seems to be poorly mixed, and is very similar to that of the work the band did on their debut album. And we all know that "A Flair For the Dramatic" isn't the best album in the world, no matter how big a fan you are.

Their sophomore album, "Selfish Machines" proved to be a saving grace for the band, as their debut was pretty flat in terms of reception and sales. This release pumped life back into their careers. Songs like "The Boy Who Could Fly", "Besitos", and "Caraphernalia" opened the band to a new audience, and gave the boys their first taste of stardom. In terms of creativity, the lyrics found on "Selfish Machines" are more interesting than the lyrics on their 3rd album. That's not to say "Collide with the Sky" is boring, or bad, I just find that the lyrics have more obvious meanings to them, and aren't as subjective. 

Stints on tours like Warped 2010 helped propel the band to the top. By the time the first single from their 3rd effort was released, it was clear Pierce the Veil was here to stay. And what a single it was, is. If you're a fan of PTV, then you know every word of "King for a Day". This is one of the best songs ever written, in addition to being the best song the band has ever released. It's the perfect mix of the band's traditional sound, and a heavier edge. Plus Kellin Quinn's vocals don't do the track any harm. The chemistry Vic and Kellin have is incredible, and makes for a killer song. 

Pierce the Veil took much of 2014 off to work on their new album. And with their latest single being a bit of a downer after the wave of success they had with their 3rd album, you have to wonder if all that hard work and time paid off. I love this band, they're some of the nicest guys in the business, and by far one of the most talented. So I'm hoping for the best when their 4th album is finally released. 

And if their albums don't quite sell you on the band, go see them live. Very few bands manage to pump as much energy into their shows. Their world tour with SWS was by one of my favorite tours. The biggest let down, that was SWS and Kellin's lukewarm performance. PTV does well to connect to their audience, and keep everyone alive through a 10 song set. 

Another bit I particularly like about the band is that they don't focus too much on their vocalist. No one member outshines the others. Some bands, like their buddies SWS, have built their careers around their lead singer. I would bet a kidney that half the fangirls who love Kellin Quinn can't name the other members or tell you what instruments they play. (Jack on lead guitar, Gabe on drums, Justin on bass and Nick on rhythm guitar). But fans of PTV will let you know that Jaime is the goofball on bass and backing vocals, Tony Turtle does lead guitar, Vic's younger brother Mike slays drums and Vic himself is the rhythm guitarist and lead vocalist. 

"Bulls in the Bronx" has to my personal favorite track. The opening guitar riff is so catchy, and extremely fun to play (I play guitar and drums fyi). Some of my other favorites from PTV include "Disasterology", "Hold on Till May", the already mentioned "Besitos", and of course "King for a Day". 

So what do you guys think? Do you like Pierce the Veil, hate them, or have never heard of them? Leave comments below, and join the discussion. Tell me what you think of the band's latest single, their albums, and their tours.