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August 30, 2016

Sum 41 - "War" Single Review

The hype just keeps growing as we get closer and closer to the release date of Sum 41's comeback album. The band already proved they can hold their own against contemporary bands, now let's see if they can hold our attention with their newest single, "War". 

To preorder the album, and instantly get singles, "Fake My Own Death" and "War" click the following (link). 

If it was a competition between Green Day's "Bang Bang" and this song, Sum 41 win everyday, all day. The two are call-to-arms battle songs, and this one stands out for its unorthodox methods. Rather than an outright fight song about battling politicians and "the man", "War" focuses on one's inner demons. Deryck Whibley no doubt wrote this song about his own demons, the very same ones that lead to his liver and kidney failure a few years back. 

Why are you fighting this war? What good can come out of fighting the war? Can you actually win the war? Very simple messages, but the band sends them home as hard as they can without the song feeling too much like some kind of preachy, speech. 

The song is powered by Baksh's and Thacker's combined guitar riffs. There were some doubts about the band having two lead guitarists, but the band are utilizing them to their fullest. It's nice to hear Baksh rip out some slick metal-influenced riffs amidst Thacker's more rock oriented riffing style. And then you've got some strong drumming from newcomer Frank Zummo. Thus far, meaning on the two tracks released as of this posting date, Zummo has done a solid job of filling Steve Jocz shoes. The slower tempo of the song lets the band put emphasis on the lyrics and the rhythms created by McCaslin's bass and the rhythm guitar. It's too gritty and fast to be called a ballad. In terms of Sum 41 this is a ballad. Not a ballad like "Pieces" but close enough. 

Summary -
This is shaping up to be one of the best comebacks of the year. Following Simple Plan, blink-182, Good Charolette and more, the classic pop punk bands are taking back the scene from the upstarts (we're talking about you 5 Seconds of Summer). Sum 41 are back in peak form, delivering hit after hit like they're not even trying. 

Rating - 8 to 8.5/10