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July 4, 2016

Sum 41 - "Fake My Own Death" Single Review

Sum 41 are back! They'll be busy this summer on Warped Tour 2016. And then this fall their comeback album, "13 Voices" drops! Lead single, "Fake My Own Death" is a throwback to the band's 2002-2004 sound. Intense, angry punk rock. 

To preoder the album click this (link). And of course, you should check the band out on Warped Tour this summer. 

In the five years since their last album, a lot has gone down with the members of Sum 41. 2014 saw frontman Deryck Whibley entering rehab for alcohol problems, and the departure of original drummer Steve Jocz. And then in 2015 we happily welcomed original guitarist Dave Baksh back into the band. Rounding out the new lineup is Frank Zummo, the drummer from Street Drum Corps

This song serves as introductions for both Baksh and Zummo. Based solely on the work they've done on "Fake My Own Death", we'd said this is the best lineup since the original 4 (Whibley, Jason McCaslin, Jocz and Baksh). In addition to the revitalized lineup, the band have made the smart decision to switch to niche label Hopeless Records. Who are no strangers to the world of pop punk with new age acts like Neck Deep, All Time Low, and ROAM, plus veterans Yellowcard, New Found Glory, and Taking Back Sunday

The band's come back single is everything we could have asked for. Like blink-182, the band look to their roots for inspiration. We see Sum 41 doing what they've always done best. Writing fast, punk rock songs that will get everyone's blood pumping. The main riff finds a perfect balance between the sounds of "Does This Look Infected" and "Chuck".

A clear fusion of Baksh's metal tastes, and fellow guitarist Tom Thacker's/Whibley's more punk tastes. So fans of either era of Sum 41 get something with this new song. It's fast, it's filled with energy, and is completely Sum 41. The lyrics dealing with Whibley's struggle post-alcohol addiction. He describes how he wanted a fresh start, and "faking his own death" seems a great way to do so. 

"Fake My Own Death" is a break the barricades, shatter your stereos kind of song. The anthemic chorus could have been ripped straight off "All Killer No Filler" or "Does This Look Infected?". Hook after hook, after a great guitar riff. Could we ask for more? Not really. 

If you had any worries about how the band's comeback album would shape up, you needn't worry any longer. If this is an indicator of what's to come in the ensuing months, we're on board 100%. "Fake Me Own Death" is a return to form for the band, after nearly 10 years of struggling. We eagerly await single #2, and the entire album this October. 

Rating - 8.5/10