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August 15, 2016

Chunk! No, Captain Chunk! - "Blame It On The Song" Single Review

Summer may be coming to a close, but Chunk! No, Captain Chunk! have delivered one last summer song. Appropriately titled "Blame It On The Song", and released at the end of their stint on Warped 2016, it's a perfect end of summer song, pop punk with a modern twist. 

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Frontman Bert Poncet of the song, "We wrote and recorded this song right before leaving for Warped. We were thinking of how we would look back at this amazing summer, and it turned out to be on point. This is not exactly a summer song; this is more like an 'end of summer' song. It's the tune that will make you think of all the good times you had this summer or the ones before it. Also, on a more musical note, it feels good to be back at our chuggy, riffy style. Just playing that song brings back good, old memories for us. We hope that everyone had a great summer!

This certainly is a triumph for the band. "Blame It On The Song" combines the old with the new, giving us another earworm to hum along to for the remainder of the year. The thing that makes this song so successful is the return to form for the band. Many fans have complained that the band have lost their edge, and this certainly is a return to their roots. Delivering familiar chugged pop punk hooks like with songs "Taking Chances" and "In Friends We Trust". But at the same time, not succumbing to the metal and pop punk cliches that weakened the band in the past. The track is nostalgic in the best ways. 

This song is 100% summer, pop punk fun. If you were having a party you'd want this song on your playlist. The intro is upbeat with just enough grit and distortion to remind you that the song's rooted in "easycore". Poncet's vocals once again are layered in production, but at least this time around we know it's not because he can't sing. He can, the band momentarily reverts to the high production style they crafted for "Pardon My French" opposed to the minimalist style from last year's "Get Lost, Find Yourself". 

Summary -

The song isn't perfect, but when has anything from C!NCC! been perfect? Our favorite Frenchmen are known for fun, not for perfection. And they deliver on their reputation. An upbeat summer song that, while it has its weaknesses, is a going to be a setlist staple for years to come. What more could we ask for? 
Recommended for fans of Four Year Strong, Waterparks, and Seaway. 

Rating - 8 to 8.5/10