Best of 2016 Playlist

August 29, 2016

Too Close To Touch - "Crooked Smile" Single Review

A song that only adds more reason to love this band. Too Close To Touch are a rising power in alt. rock, and rightly so. The second single off the band's highly anticipated second album, "Haven't Been Myself", proves the band didn't just luck out with their debut last March. 

To buy the album and get this track, as well as first single "What I Wish I Could Forget" on iTunes please click this (link). 

The intro to this song is comparable to Hands Like Houses' "Colourblind". The rest of the song strays far enough from HLH material that the song can stand on it's own. The band stay within their comfort zone with the song's structure and the instrumentals. The groove driven song is powered by guitars and Keaton Pierce's vocals. His voice doesn't go into his "unclean" mode, but it does get pretty gritty at times.
 Pierce gives another strong vocal performance, only backing off a bit for the verses. 

The chorus is the second best part of the song. Wait, second best? Ya, the breakdowns pretty much blows the chorus away. During the aforementioned breakdown the song again takes hints from HLH's "Colourblind". It's rhythmic and groove driven. There isn't too much to say other than that. The song is golden, recalling Pierce the Veil circa 2010 or Sleeping with Sirens circa 2011. 

Summary - 
This song falls a bit short of expectations, but that can be expected since we set the bar so high. It's akin to "Pretty Little Thing", and Hands Like Houses' "Colourblind". It's catchy and fun. Upbeat with a powerful breakdown. Yes, a real breakdown. This album promises to be one of the standouts of the year, and TCTT's breakthrough to the big leagues. 
Rating - 8/10