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August 24, 2016

You Me at Six - "Night People" Single Review

Oh ya you heard right, You Me at Six are back! Their new album is coming for you this January, and the first single is out of this world. The title track off their 5th studio album, "Night People", was released almost 3 years after previous record "Cavalier Youth". Needless to say, it pretty much blows everything else YMAS has done out of the water. 

To preorder the album, and get this single on iTunes please click the following (link). 

Wondering why so many comparisons to Royal Blood? Well to answer that question just listen to the track. It's a bit of a 180, YMAS switching gears from their Brit-arena rock to a more guitar driven, drum heavy style that echoes hard rock and blues. Some might not like the switch, but it's just what the band needed.

This will be album 5, and as we all know around that point bands either get stale or do something completely different. YMAS chose the latter. With the release of this song, we can tell it was a switch for the better. The track hits hard like any other single from the band. But the stylist shift works in YMAS' favor. The song is pretty generic in terms of all the hard rock anthems out there. But for fans of YMAS this will be new territory.

It's deep, it's dirty, it's awesome! The fuel for this song is the strong kick drum beat. It keeps everything moving along at a steady pace. The main guitar riff is sublime. It's got all the grit and grime of any classic blues song, but the production level of a modern rock release. Add some background vocals to Josh Franceshi's already strong voice and it's a sure fire radio hit. Again, the only real complaint is that in terms of hard rock, it's nothing too spectacular. It's very reminiscent of Royal Blood, as previously stated, and "Stompa" by Serena Ryder. So we dock a few points for lack of originality. 

Summary -
Whether you like it or not, all our favorite pop punk bands from the mid to late 00s are growing up and changing. You Me at Six are just one more example of how all these acts have matured into first class performers. They deliver a dirty, heavily distorted blues rock earworm and knock every aspect of it out of the park. Performed live this song is bound to get everyone's head banging, and people moving. The only thing that would have really sent this song over the edge is a killer guitar solo.

Rating - 8.5/10